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Don’t you think your smudgy windows jam-packed with mildew drops and environmental filth makes it difficult for you to look through? Dirty windows, in the long run, can permanently damage your glass inside and out. Learn with us how to clean your windows like a pro.

First off you need to gather these supplies overall to do the magic, so the professional window cleaning Boise doesn’t hurt your pocket. 

DIY Window Cleaning Supplies

·        Cleaning bucket

·        Few drops of dish soap

·        Squeegee

·        Two microfiber cloths

·        Q-Tips (if yours are as bad as mine you will need a lot)

·        A small cup of white vinegar

·        Paper towels (these are my favorite)

Free Tutorial

Grab step-by-step instructions from this free tutorial. Know how to utilize the tools correctly and begin your professional window washing and cleaning business. Stay with us until the end.

Step#1- Cleaning the Window

In the tutorial, a large cooking pot is used, but you can use your bucket instead. Clean up your entire window with the soapy water.  

Step#2- Cleaning The Sills

After cleaning, wipe out the excess water off by using the squeegee. Swipe the squeegee from up to the downward motion. Repeat the back and forth movement until the window gets dry. The window still might hoard a little water. Give us some time and drop the subject for now. We’ll come back to it.

You expected your windows look neat and clean and absolutely free from fingerprints. However, they didn’t. Get done with this squeegee job on all your windows. When you’re finished with last one, wipe the window sill clean with the wet, soapy cloth. Once your windows and sills are twinkle clean, it’s time to tidy up the window tracks. Showing you the best way and handy way to do this. 

Step#3- Cleaning The Tracks And Game Over!

Last time when you slide the window, did you notice its aluminum narrow track? Of course, no one does but yuck, it looks PRETTY GROSS, and finally, it caught your attention. To remove excess dirt and debris from the window track. Dip your Q-tip in the white vinegar. Run the Q-tip along the whole inside of the track vigorously and wipe out the grime. Don’t be surprised to see what came out of it.

Then wipe it all out with a tissue paper or a towel. Can you now see the shiny window tracks? Well, the remedy mentioned above is the most popular one for cleaning nauseating window tracks. To keep up regularly with these shiny tracks you achieved by hard work getting on your hands and knees, you should never quit on vacuuming it twice a month.

Congratulations! Your windows almost look like new. Now that you know the best ways to clean windows, window tracks and window sills, give us credit. In the future, we are seeking to help you with the very complicated kitchen cleansing. Off all the rooms in your home, your kitchen needs the most care. We know all the best and easy routes to clean your entire house little by little.

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