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Sanjeevani Banerjee


How to be your Greatest Self in 2019?

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Two days into this year and the messages circulated around social media weren’t quite optimistic. They weren’t negative either, they were very real. Posts after posts about how New Year New Me is just a myth and that we’re all going to stay same, no matter what resolutions we take, that the concept of New Year has been created by humans in an effort to keep track of time and in the modern times, just as we hype up every small things, we hype up expectations for New Year. Well it’s true that there are just seasons changing and us growing up, the confetti and champagne are just extra. But is it good to be unfazed by this important event? Is it right to give it no importance at all?

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The hyped up expectations that we have in New Year’s is similar to crash diets. They make you feel good about yourself, giving you the second chance you really needed but in reality it’s not going to help and all the euphoria is just temporary. It’s not steady and will give you a momentarily sugar rush and then throw you down to the floor when the sugar leaves your blood. And then you end up guilt tripping yourself, beating yourself over insignificant things which will affect your morale, throughout the year. Because of this, it’s common for a lot of us to not keep expectations from ourselves when we think that something will go wrong so as to save ourselves from all that self-beating. But we have to remember that it is inevitable that something will go wrong. Instead of holding it against your heart, think of it as the sign post on a road that directs if you’re going wrong or right. After we’ve burned our fingers in seemingly normal but hot water, we learn not to dip our fingers without inspecting. It’s not bad to have expectations for yourself, it indicates a character with morality. However, keeping realistic expectations is more logical and capable. Because achieving them is easier and it will motivate us further.  

Having a flaw is essential to be a human, so don’t sweep it under the rug. Get yourself a glass of cool water, drink, take a deep breath and be honest to yourself. We know where we lag. Where we excel.  Address it, accept it and if you can, try to fix it. Some flaws, however, cannot be fixed and you just have to accept it and move on but don’t idolize it. We must remember to not spend all our time and energy just fixing ourselves like prototype car in an effort to make it better or to put it up on the mantel as a prized possession. The key is to find your own center of gravity. Your center of gravity will be different than everybody’s so searching for the correct center in other people’s gravity is futile. The balance that doesn’t burden your shoulders. Just as unique people have unique illness which have unique medications, there are a lot of ways to be your greatest self in 2019, the best one is the one where you figure out what makes you better and greater. Time is of the utmost value and the marking of New Year is, in the grand scheme of things, similar to a minute hand moving on a watch so don’t just take it for granted. 

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