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Steffy Shaji


How to Be on Top of Your Healthy Diet Plan This Summer

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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As the Mercury level is rising and the sun is shining strong producing scorching heat waves, it gives us the reason to hunt for cool, refreshing foods in this summers. Since the temperature is high, sweating and precipitation will be more. This is the time when we get indulged in taking soda drinks and cold beverages which results in weight gain. Instead, let’s follow healthy diets plan which keeps you active in this tiring weather. Basic of diet plan is to keep your body and skin hydrated with minerals and vitamins.


Following tips can guide you towards a healthier summer-

Drink seven to eight glasses of water daily and keep yourself hydrated. Do not keep yourself thirsty as it will increase the chances of heat stroke. Drink natural cooling beverages like lemon juice, coconut milk, buttermilk, sugarcane juice, etc rather than soda and alcoholic beverages. Drinking watermelon juice is the best way to keep you hydrated all day. Take mango juice as it is seasonal fruit and helps with digestion.

Avoid junk food and fried food as it will take more time to digest and need lots of water. Avoid eating too much spicy food because it will increase your body temperature. Prepare a salad of raw fruits and veggies with little spices. They are easy to digest and high in water content. Some of them are melons, cucumber, pears, grapes, papayas, and plums.

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Curd is an excellent food for summers as it contains gut-friendly bacteria, boosts immunity and helps digestion. Use it in salad dressing, in preparing gravy and making buttermilk.


Sabja or tulsi seed has a cooling effect so mix them with fruit juices and drinks.


Eat veggies like bitter gourd, pumpkin, mushrooms and bell peppers. Also, eat bottle gourd and zucchini as they are rich in vitamin A and C. It will prevent acidity in the stomach which commonly occurs in summers.

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Eat raw mangoes in summers because they also provide cooling effects to your body. Drink aam panna, that is raw mango juice in summers as it is an electrolyte and protects you from sunstroke.

In summers, digestion process gets slower so do not eat heavy meals one or two times in a day. Rather eat small meals four to five times in a day to keep you feeling light and active.

Here I am sharing a small plan for summers. In breakfast eat 2 seasonal fruits and drink coconut water or buttermilk to keep you hydrated all day. In lunch eat 2 chapatis with one bowl each veggie and dal accompanied with salad. For evening eat nuts or yogurt smoothies made with cucumber and onion with little spices. During summers, dinner should be very light so take vegetable soup or tomato soup with grilled chicken or fish. Eat one bowl of rice with curd or dal soup. Do not eat spicy food during the night as it will cause acidity.

The above meal plan is low fat and high protein diet. It helps in controlling your blood pressure, sugar and manages weight. So during this summer eat right, stay healthy and active.

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