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Parvathi Sajiv


How the Other Half Lives

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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It isn’t every day that the goodwill of people has helped people all around the world. The little deeds we do help accelerate to a better world. We can make this place a better place through our little steps.

The world is indeed a coin. When one face of the coin is filled with the people who run the capitalistic world, the other is filled with people barely surviving through the day hoping to make ends meet and earn to afford a square meal. Inequality certainly has paved the way for large differences in society.

If we were to throw some light on the grim situations of the world where people are dying every day, suffering from various illnesses and being ill-treated by the so-called privileged class, it is sad to say that the situation has far exceeded the thresholds of what humanity closes its eye to.

We see countless people on the streets with nowhere to go, with ragged clothes and a helpless state of mind., In fact, many suffer from various issues with the mental faculties that they aren’t even aware of the situations they are in. A lot of these destitute suffer abuse on the road and are incapable of perceiving situations through the lens of a normal person. A lot of these people do not even know how to take a bath or wear proper clothes or understand the meaning of food. While we roam in the luxuries and comforts, these people aren’t even able to understand their surroundings. They do not understand not to cross a road when there is a car coming or brush your teeth or to maintain hygiene. What we privileged take for granted, these people have not even experienced the joy of going to school or having a bar of chocolate. These people serve as reminders of what all these materialistic things mean at the end. All these materialistic goods aren’t satiable in the long run.

Many children on the streets are physically, emotionally and sexually abuse and hey undergo severe trauma. We need to sympathise and empathise with them and this child doesn’t have a normal childhood compared to the others. These prove fatal in the long run and become wrongdoers in society because nobody was there to guide them through the right path. These children need our help to come back on the right track.

Why does such a problem arise in our society? Even after centuries of scientific and technological advancements, poverty and inequality still persist. In fact, poverty has been on a significant rise for the past decade. Humans deserve to be treated equally and fairly by all. It is their prerogative to a dignified life. But money is the revolving factor that governs every basic amenity from living in a well-thatched house to having a meal a day.

What should we as the privileged class of the society do?

As the people who are the torchbearers of this society, it is up to us that we create an environment that helps support everyone in need and give the required facilities to help them grow. We need to be able to pull them away from the streets where they lived in such harsh conditions of turmoil and pressure to a system of care and nurture. A system where there are medical facilities easily accessible and not denying the right to live by exorbitant prices of medicines in the market. Moreover, being able to supply the three basic needs of the people which are food, water and shelter.

The privileged have been investing their money into building condos and lavish apartments which they rarely use or term it as an investment for the future. If only, we collectively come to serve the people, can there be a change? By providing for the people, we are raising them to a pedestal and ensuring their rights to live in a respectable manner by giving them a nudge.

Moreover, the potential these humans serve is beyond comprehensible. Together, we can strive to create a holistic community filled with love and peace.

We, can make a change in this society for good.

If we try.

Only if we try.

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