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Indrita Ganguly


How India has misunderstood PewDiePie in the PewDiePie vs T- Series YouTube drama.

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24 days ago
24 days ago
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YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming website. since its introduction in 2004, the website

gave birth to many young talents. Justin Bieber came to light after his videos of playing drums and

singing got famous on YouTube. However, YouTube has also been home to various controversies.

The current most subscribed content creator on YouTube is PewDiePie. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, aka,

PewDiePie is a Swedish youtuber who rose to fame from his videogame commentary videos, back in

2013. It was PewDiePie’s undying humour and unique approach to memes is what makes him more

beloved. T-series on the other hand is one of the oldest music labels from India. T-series releases

almost 90 percent of Bollywood music in India and takes charge of posting them on YouTube.

Currently T-series is the most subscribed YouTube channel and the first YouTube channel to get

more than 100 Million subscribers.

In July, 2018 a static report shocked the entire YouTube, as it read that largely growing T-series will

soon take over PewDiePie as the most subscribed YouTube channel. The take over was supposed to

take place in November 2018, but the revelation ignited a wave of content warfare between the

Swedish youtuber and the massive corporate entity. PewDiePie soon launched a campaign against T-

series, to break their inevitable take-over, and now looking back at it he was pretty successful. Many

youtubers joined in to support PewDiePie and I will explain in a minute why.

Arbitrary of what is wrong and what is right, the Indian populous hated PewDiePie. The first thing

that the Indians did wrong was to divulge in a feeling of patriotism. The fact is T-Series doesn’t

represent India. The simple thing that the population failed to understand is that T-series is a private

corporation which has nothing to do even with the development of the country. Just like PewDiePie

doesn’t represent Sweden, the Swedish people never made it a matter of their national pride when

PewDiePie became the number one youtuber. The entire meaning of the contest was to send a

message to YouTube. YouTube as a platform developed because of its content creators but the

recent terms and conditions gave absolute power to companies and left many loopholes for the

companies to exploit the individual content creators. This is the reason why every single youtuber

pitched in to help PewDiePie, even his long-time rival Logan Paul came to help him. The second thing

that the Indians though was that the song “bitch lasagna” was anti-Indian. The song by PewDiePie

hosted satirical humour which was targeted towards T-series, and not India as a country. PewDiePie

even donated 246,000 dollars to India to develop the education in rural areas, so isn’t it pointless

and silly to think he is defaming a country he is helping to build?

On 11 th April 2019, Delhi High Court ordered YouTube to remove all the PewDiePie songs from India

on grounds that it promoted racism. The songs never contained anything racist but the dark, satirical

humour with of course the Indian judiciary failed to understand. It was particularly scary to see how

T-series had established complete control over the YouTube and Indian judiciary by filing complaint

and getting their rival obliterated. This incident has only left me with one question, is a private

company own the government one day?

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