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Ameya Agrawal


How GST is Paving the Way for Digital Revolution in India!

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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I am amazed by the impact which seemingly small changes can create on the eco-system which in turn leads to big revolutions.

Take GST for example. The Goods and Services Tax was launched all over India with effect from 1 July 2017.

With GST came the E-way bill, Intra -state E-way Bill, Reverse Charge Mechanism, HSN Code.

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Strict GST policies made it harder for some merchants to do business initially as they were not ready to adapt.

But it was clear that everyone who wants to do business has to adapt to it.

Adapting GST means you have to give GST compliant bill and to do so you must have a software (a mechanism) that can generate it for you.

The people from local brick and mortar stores who never ever used a computer or internet in life now had to learn and use it to produce the bill.

Once you start using a computer, it helps you to understand the great potential of technology for your business.

Your accessibility and intent to use the internet create an opportunity for other companies which provide Online Listing, on Demand Pick and Drop, e-payment to offer you their services to make your work easier.

This in turn also pushes the end customer to adapt to new trends.

Thus implementation of GST enabled the use of computer and internet paving the way to make these stores smart and more connected and thus boosting the digital revolution.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. -Mother Teresa

Trust the power of small things as the ripple effects can be enormous.


I am not sure if the government thought of the revolutions in the digital space the GST implementation can bring, but there is a hidden lesson here.

Whenever you want people to adapt to big changes on a larger scale, instead of making big changes, make smaller ones which will direct the habits of your consumers towards the bigger picture which you actually intent. - Ameya Agrawal

Like Dominoes don't offer water over the counter until you ask or they just keep only one cooler at the side of the room which forces people to either buy bottled water or cold drink as many of them are shy to ask for water again and again or lazy to fill water glasses from the cooler.

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