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Hannah Lapine


Hong Kong: Ultimate Party City

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Hong Kong is a great party city to all travelers and city dwellers. After taking part in various exhausting sightseeing places in Hong Kong, you may decide to relax or go out for partying with your friends. You can dress up and move to a night spot of your choice in the city. The city offers some of the best pubs and bars in the whole of Asia with various alcoholic beverages and beer from various countries across the world. The locals like partying after work while tourists move to the city to experience the welcoming and ultimate partying in Hong Kong.

The partying places may be segregated according to their clientele, for the locals and the tourists. Actually, most partying takes place in central Hong Kong but you can also the locals in partying in some wild clubs. The best ultimate partying and nightlife is found in the SoHo and Lan Kwai Fong(LKF) areas. 

The LKF is an excellent region of Hong Kong with beautiful and superb clubs, international restaurants, and bars. It caters for the expat/international crowd and is perfect for all serious partying, after-work drinks and intimate dinners. The place has excellent hotels which offer comfortable accommodation to all tourists. Hong has the most experienced outcall Hong Kong massage to cater for you any time you need a therapist service in your house.

The best days to many in Hong Kong are Thursdays. Thursdays are termed as ladies night, hence free entries, free drinks to ladies!! This makes Hong Kong an ultimate partying destination. 

The best place to start your partying is LKF. You can drive or walk through the Wanchai’s Hennessy Road; here ladies night begin on Wednesdays, a charming partying place. Another place is the Carnegies. The place has very cheap entertaining deals making partying so economic friendly. The area is very squeezed with people enjoying their nights in Wanchai. Another venue along Wanchai rd is the Typhoon. The place is somehow quiet for those who like enjoying partying in cool areas. Then, the Mexican club, which operates like a night restaurant making it very ideal for partying too. The place offers some free drinks to ladies.

LKF is a fantastic place to be. It's a Halloween and crazily packed with people especially on Saturdays, Fridays and holidays. It gives all the frenzy in partying to everyone. There are Shisha bars, the Magnum, Level 2, Beijing, and Play. There are also mid-levels places for those who love more peaceful and serene parties.

Some of the favorite bars and clubs to party in LKF include; Graffiti Bar: Many go to the place for a drink only. There is a free Vodka with oranges or cranberry for ladies.

Seven Haven: The club offers a vast dancing area, its new in the place.

The Azure: It's a favorite to any parties lovers. There is free champagne to all ladies on Thursdays. It's a cool place to visit and enjoy the moment with your friends.

Bloop Shisha Lounge: It's perfect for anyone who likes Shisha. The place has a middle tank filled with sharks.

The Privé: It's an underground club. They offer free drinks to ladies. It's suitable for private partying with your friends.

Beijing club: It's a classic place where your dress code is required. There are free drinks for all ladies. It's a real dancing club. Another area where the dress code is needed is Play and Level 2. The places have the best DJs in the city. Hong Kong is a real party city with various partying to cater for your day and night. When you feel tired, and you don't have enough time to visit a therapist you may contact a therapist for quick services in the city.

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