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Hannah Lapine


Hong Kong: Dream City For All Travelers

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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From visits to remote islands such as Cheung Chau and Lantau to Victoria's Peak and dim sum feasts to Hong Kong massage, there’s plenty to do and enjoy in Hong Kong which makes it a dream city for all travelers.

It’s divided into two principal regions: the Kowloon Peninsula at the north and Hong Kong Island towards the south — with Victoria Harbour passing by their middle. On each side, a stunning range of high-rises attracts architecture and photography lovers from throughout the world.

Here’s what makes it unique.

Ascend to Victoria Peak

At an elevation of 552m, Victoria Peak is the tallest point on Hong Kong Island. It’s likewise amongst the most visited spots by travelers. You'll be welcomed here with all-encompassing 360-degree perspectives on Hong Kong's timberland of high rises and the harbor.

Flourishing woods, clearing perspectives on the city, dramatic yet straightforward strolls – all reachable in only a few minutes by Hong Kong's 125-year-old gravity-opposing Peak Tram.

Longest Escalator in the World

The Central-Mid-Levels is a 2624 a commendable ride that connects the Western and Central areas of its Island, with numerous eating stops and shops en-route it is a bucket list destination for every traveler to Hong Kong.

10,000 Buddhas Monastery Trip

The 10,000 Buddhas Monastery is situated in Po Fook Hill Mountains of the new territories region, is a remarkable spectacle to see.

You should climb up a quite steep slope to reach. However, your endeavors will be remunerated with a place that has a nine-story pagoda and a central temple lobby, along with numerous shrines, halls, and pavilions.

You will have to climb many stairs to reach further up once you've reached the starting of the complex, yet you'll be extremely enchanted by the Buddha statues all over you worth to take the effort.

Stroll around Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade

The beautiful walkway beside the southern point of Kowloon. This promenade keeps running along the waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui and is a magnificent spot for picturesque scenes on Victoria Harbor. You will also pass the brilliant Museum of Art and the Cultural Center, before coming to the Avenue of Stars that celebrate Hong Kong's famous movie industry celebs from the past. Pay particular consideration to the bronze statue of Bruce Lee there.

Further, in the nights around 8 pm, the promenade turns into a stage for the Symphony of Lights - the world's biggest laser show, which is projected from various high rises and leaves the tourists stunned.

Sail at Aberdeen Floating Village

Around the southern portion of Hong Kong, the town of Aberdeen is an inquisitive blend of skyscraper buildings, old sanctuaries and a small harbor loaded up with yachts and floating sampans which are conventional fishing boats of Hong Kong.

Here you get to watch and appreciate the floating families cleaning their angling equipment, playing mahjong, and managing the rooftop gardens on their watercraft.

You can also enjoy the visit to Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant - everybody from Queen Elizabeth II to Tom Cruise has dined at this place. Remember while the fish is fantastic, it's likewise exceptionally expensive. Additionally, you can set out upstairs to relish tasty dim sums.

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