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Veenu Oreen



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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction.

"Why do we have to move, Mommy?", he asked.

This is his home. Their home.Why do they have to leave their home?

"Timmy, put that thing down, NOW",his mother warned.

"How many times do I have to tell you baby, it's not safe. You shouldn't play with any of these dangerous things".

As usual, Timmy couldn't understand why his mom wouldn't allow him to play with these fun things, but knowing his mom's anger, he let go of the long cylindrical stick like thing anyway.

"But, Why mommy?" he asked again, the one question that was pestering him day and night. Why did they have to leave this place? His friends are here.

"Baby, I told you already, we can't keep living here. It has become a dangerous place to live". More like a place to die, she thought to herself.

It was hard enough for her, she can only imagine how much her little one is going through.

Her mate came by and told her that there was another incident today.

"Who?", she asked shakily, already dreading the answer.


"What about Sam?", Timmy asked coming close to his parents.

They didn't have the courage to tell him, after all Sam was Timmy's best buddy.

"Nothing really, Timmy. We're leaving for the west tonight, so better be ready", his dad replied.

"Tonight?!, I thought we would leave next week", Timmy asked alarmed by the sudden change of plan.

"Yes, tonight", his dad finished in a no-nonsense tone.

Timmy reminisced the moments he had spent here.The first time he met Sam, the creek where they used to play, the coral reefs where they used to hide and scare other friends, how Sam always stood by him.

Now he has to leave, leave this place forever and deep inside his memories.

Of late, many young ones have succumbed to death, feeding on the plastic waste that has been dumped in the ocean.

They couldn't help it. The grown ups knew better than to eat those, but poor little ones just nibble on anything and everything despite multiple warnings about the plastic things.

So most of them were migrating deeper into the ocean, which is unusual for the sea horses but they had no choice.

Timmy went to meet Sam to bid goodbye but was met with the inconsolable parents of Sam.

He was taken aback when he heard about Sam. What did they do to deserve such a cruel punishment?

He returned home and informed his parents that he was ready to leave.

It WAS his home, but not anymore.

Not without Sam.

Missing him came in waves.

That night he was drowning.

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