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Prashant Gupta


Hey Delhites! Read this. The guide to getting your phone stolen.

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Whether you travel in Delhi metro or in DTC bus , you must have constantly heard the caution from your parents or from your friends to safeguard your phone from thief.You must have heard a tale or two about your friends whose phone got stolen while commuting.Or if you were unfortunate enough,you would have got your own phone stolen.While there are other places too where this could happen,probable chances are that it might happen in a metro or bus either.

If by now you are thinking that this article is about “How to Save Your Phone From Thief” then you are wrong.I am only going to talk about the things people do that gets their phone stolen.So this is more about “Things you do that gets the thief take away your phone sneakily”. This could be a counter approach to getting things right but believe me this is going to help.

While one could be confident about oneself of being attentive enough, marks my words you are too naive. Usually it happens that you might use your phone normally in the metro oblivious of your surroundings but ‘they’ notice you.They observe your actions and also where you kept your phone.They will stealthily gather around you.So they would concentrate around in a way that you wouldn’t even notice the pattern.And boom! It’s gone. Believe me it happens in seconds. While you are going to realize it in a minute,by that time ‘they’ must have left and if by any chance the next stop hasn’t arrived they could be even standing beside you.

If it happens that you notice your phone stolen the moment ‘they’ take it , who could you blame among the people standing unless and until you have seen that happening yourself(which never happens. )Before you even utter a word if the thief realizes that you have noticed your phone missing then he might as well ask Did anything of yours get stolen ? Obviously you are going to say yes and then he will guide you saying that the man in black shirt in the next compartment took it or if you are in bus he might tell you that the thief in black shirt got off last stop. So if you are in hurry you will 99% believe him and in haste you will run towards last stop or to next compartment taking you away from the actual thief.Probably you are not going to find the man in black shirt.Even if you see a man in black shirt ,he is not the thief.

In such situation always remember , do not believe whatever people have to say.If that person knew who had stolen the phone he would have told you immediately and not after you realizing that something is missing from your pocket.

Sometimes people keep their phone in bags to avoid theft.Unfortunately ‘they’ notice that too.Again they huddle in a group , subtly unzip the bag and take it out unless you have not kept the phone very near to the zip. Once it happened that my friend’s phone got stolen so he started keeping it in his bag.D-day dawned.Someone took it away from his bag and what a bastard would that be who had eyed on the very basic Jiophone (that 1500 rupee stuff even).

So if you plan to keep your phone in your bag , keep it deep inside where it would take effort to take it out.Again keep the bag on your front and not on your back where it is easier to keep a watch.

By now if you think that you are safe from all this because you are smart and you use your phone and not keep it in pocket or bag so how could anyone steal it from you while you using it , you are still wrong. Decide yourself. One person was listening to music using headphones with mobile kept in his pocket.’They’ came. He suddenly realized that music stopped.On checking his pocket , he learnt that the thief had unplugged the earphone and took away the phone which was why the music stopped. This might sound absurd and for some of you even false, but to be honest this happened.

While they are always on the watch of their victims the only way of preventing this is keeping your phone deep inside your bag and secondly if you have kept in your pocket then always keep your hand on your pocket. All of the incidents happen so subtly you barely notice within seconds of it happening. Only when you think that the jeans seems too light, you learn your phone is stolen.

When you realize that your efforts are in vain and that your phone is actually stolen you will curse the whole humanity.You will curse all the men standing in the metro or sitting. You will lose hope.Your face will turn red with anger and pale with dismay. Even though it might be a big loss for you , the world will go on mindless of the fact you lost something precious.

So go home tell your parents , get the sim blocked and enter into solitude. My sympathies are with you. Erase your data from your google account using device manager.

Yet, nothing will terrify you more if you haven’t kept a password in your phone.You will be haunted.So another counter approach - lock your phone right now and put a password.Backup all your data on cloud.You know what hurts more than a stolen phone : all the data that is lost with it.

So whilst you are enjoying reading this stuff regardless of whether or not you live in Delhi , I am writing this because I too have lost my phone to a thief. Sympathize me.Leave a comment.

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