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Here’s why you should choose Du Channel Partners for your Mobile/Home Internet Plan

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a month ago
a month ago
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U.A.E market is dominated by two telecommunication and ISP namely Etisalat and Du. These two telecommunication giants are responsible for providing internet and mobile connectivity to the U.A.E residents.

The number of subscriber of Du services hit 8.4 Billion by June and is growing rapidly. Since du has penetrated and captured Media city area in Dubai where many tech giants such as Google and Samsung operate. Du has also launched 5G in the UAE market to cater to the newly released 5G compatible devices.

Even though Du caters to many big companies in the U.A.E. It is easy for the customer to believe that Du has less priority for its regular customers for its postpaid and home internet plans. Which is not true. Telecom giants these days rent out their sales, support and marketing services to their channel partners.

These channel partners are entirely responsible to cater to the customer needs and provide top notch services, since their revenue depends on it.

In order to capture the maximum number of customers Du authorized channel partners provide different types of benefits to their customers ranging from fast and efficient service to discounts from their own pockets to even the odds with multiple outdoor agents on different areas to cater to their customer’s needs.

I can list a number of Du channel partners here, but to my personal experience I have been treated tremendously well with one of their partners (HTMA Technologies) that has provided me with amazing services and good quality discounts on my home internet plan.

Contrary to Du customer service where I had to find parking space at their customer care centre and if I called their contact centre I had to wait on hold for hours. To my surprise HTMA services were very different. My call was received after only 5 minutes of hold time (being realistic here nobody is perfect) and I didn’t even had to drive all the way to their office since they provide subscription services online and even on call.

Best part was the door to door service where I had been told to contact on call to have an Internet connection set up in my home or I could simply call to upgrade my internet plan as well.

These services have been very helpful to me because of free landline call to UAE numbers. My mother had no issue talking all day with her friends and family. I subscribed to their 459 AED basic plan, I had a representative assigned to me who would answer my calls at any time of the day and would treat me with up most respect. I mean what more do we want then to be treated kindly and respectfully after we have invested such a hefty amount in a company’s services.

Not only this, but I didn’t even had to pay installation charges, as well as got myself a free router.

HTMA representatives are not only sweet talkers but quite transparent as well. I remember talking to one of their sales representative when I was making a decision on whether to choose 379 AED plan or 459 AED. The representative I was on call with was not pushy as to making me buy the expensive one rather than the cheap one. Instead the rep was cool enough to tell me that free calls to UAE landline was for all plans. The only difference was that I had the option to choose 1 preferred TV package of my choice.

So If you all are tired of going round and round looking for parking space and sitting and waiting for hours, you should go for HTMA technologies to manage your services. The best part out of all this is that you buy a Du internet plan which means you get all the benefits of Du and also from their channel partners. On top of that HTMA Technologies has TRA monitoring all their activity so providing them with my documents was nothing to worry about.

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