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Manisha Joshi


Netflix’s Sex Education is Not Your Regular Teenage Drama and Here's Why

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Netflix’s originals have always been a set of progressive shows dealing with many social issues, stigmas and problems of modern society. For example the series You showed how easy stalking has become in the social media era.

Source- Netflix

But one such show stands out among others, and that is Netflix’s Sex Education. The show is literally about what the title suggests, Sex Education for teenagers. It also tackles a lot of other issues teenagers face such as teen pregnancy, homophobia, name-calling in high school, revenge porn among others.

This show stirs away from the typical teenage high school dramas of breakups and patch-ups, being real and talking about the real challenges of teenagers. It follows the life of students of Moordale High, specifically Otis, Maeve, Eric, Jackson, and Adam. Many students have different issues relating to sex and relationships, and so Otis becomes a sex therapist for the students.

Here’s why Sex Education is one of the best teenage shows ever, and we need more shows like this.

1. Shows how ineffective is the actual sex education given in the schools

There’s one scene where the students are being taught about sex, but during the show, we realize how ineffective and useless that actually is. For instance, the actual insecurities of teenagers are never talked about, i.e, no one teaches them to embrace their bodies and not be ashamed about it. Just the textbook stuff is repeated year by year without any meaning. It also does not aim at solving the personal issues of students, many of which become the root cause of problems in relationships. The show goes on to show how this affects the daily life of teenagers. (However, we do not support therapy by unlicensed individuals and unsolicited sources.)

2. It does not make abortion a big deal

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When Maeve gets pregnant, she goes to have an abortion by herself. This arch is not only very strong but is also very true to life. It also shows the ‘Pro-life’ activists shaming woman outside the abortion clinic, again, a very important issue to talk about.

3. It breaks gender stereotypes

Whether it is Otis’s mother not wanting to have a relationship, Eric dressing up, or Ola wearing a Tux, the show just normalizes all of the things. There are no questions raised, no corner of the eye looks for any of them. The show is so progressive in such subtle, small ways.

4. It deals with revenge porn

When a picture of one of the students gets leaked, all of the girls (and also boys!) come in solidarity for the girl. This scene is so powerful where every student claims that it’s their picture. When the headmaster tries to blame the girl, each one of them makes sure that the blame, in fact, does not fall on the victim.

5. Representation of LGBTQ+ community

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There are various arches in the show that revolves around the LGBTQ+ relationships. The show deals with all of them, a student struggling with his sexuality, a guy who is confident about his own, and a successful lesbian relationship between a student’s mothers. The relationships and the cast are all-inclusive about marginalized communities.

The list does not end here. Sex Education also talks about the effects porn can have on teenagers, parent-child relationships and mental health issues. The show is very progressive and is exactly the kind of show we need in this time.

Sex Education was also very well received by the audience and netizens showered its love on it. If you’re looking to watch something eye-opening this weekend, this should be your go-to show!

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