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Here's How You Can Manage Your Time Efficiently

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Do you keep running out of time often? Is your mailbox flooded with unread emails? Did you forget to pay your bills? Do you feel exhausted? Missed out on some important decisions that could have helped you in the long run? Are you eating junk food instead of a healthy meal? Do you tend to neglect your loved ones and your own health? Don’t worry your not the only one who faces such issues in today’s hectic world.

Let the time ball lie in your court!

I know you're in deep trouble thinking about what should be done! The magic key is to take control of your time, and not let time take control of you. The ones who have control on time live life with great satisfaction. On the other hand, people who feel that time is slipping away are more stressed, resulting in less productivity and an unhappy life. I agree that having control on time isn’t easy, but spend time with your loved ones and find ways to manage your time effectively.

Here are 4 stitches that can save nine!

Stitch 1- Prioritize your goals!

Sit back with a paper and pen and decide which goals are most important to you. Align them in descending order of importance. It could be anything such as maintaining a relationship, justifying your role as a parent, excelling in work, building a secure life. Once you’re clear about your goals, decide on a path to meet them. Plan your time and live unto your commitments in favour of your goals.

Stitch 2- Set realistic goals!

Don’t overestimate what you can do. You may tend to be less productive when you’re tired and stressed. Life keeps throwing curve balls when we least expect them. At times you may fail to calculate the approximate time required to meet a particular goal. For instance, your plan to take a house is in the next 9 years, add an extra year so that you have enough lenience of time to achieve it.

Stitch 3- Limit disruption

Limit the diverting devils in your mind. If you're surrounded by people around you in office, you’re likely to get disturbed. Various sounds around you may interrupt your concentration. But there are ways to limit these disturbances. Close your office door, use ear plugs, make sure your kids are being entertained with something while you plan to work. If you can’t get work done at home, leave the house and work in a library or a quiet coffee shop. 

Stitch 4- Learn to say, ‘NO’!

We prefer saying “yes” to people we care for rather than saying “no” even when it could be difficult for us. But some things need to be dropped in order to achieve the goals you have prioritized. Set your boundaries to manage time and reduce stress. Organizations tend to ask people who always volunteer, as its easier than trying to convince the ones who never contribute anything extra. So before committing anything think if you have time to spend doing it. If you have a promotion on the top of your list then accept it, but if not then say a “no”.

If you feel too stressed or tired, structure your daily routine in a way where you have some time for yourself. This could boost your energy, motivating you towards your goals.

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