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Indrita Ganguly


7 Best Epic Fantasy Series Like Game of Thrones You Will Love

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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We all love to watch epic fantasy shows and Game Of Thrones always tops the list, but this genre has many amazing shows which we often neglect. There are tons of shows which we often miss due to our GOT addiction but they are just as good as Game Of Thrones if not better. Here are some shows which you should watch if you enjoy watching Game Of Thrones. 

1. Outlander

If you’re a fan of subtle twists then you should definitely watch this show. The show revolves around romance but it has the uncanny ability to catch its audience off guard. It is filled with twists and you will surely love it.

2. Vikings

This story is about a farmer named Ragnar Lothbrok who ravaged England and France by raiding them constantly. He becomes the king of Denmark and the reason it is so similar to Game Of Thrones is because it follows a right storyline and the character development shown throughout the season is amazing. 

3. The Last Kingdom

Not many people know about this series but this is based on The Saxon Stories. It’s filled with gore and violence which includes eye gouging, crucifixion, etc.

4. Rome

This series could have been as popular as Game Of Thrones but sadly this was canceled after two seasons. It’s nail-biting storyline always keeps you on edge and by the end of the season, you will be satisfied with the results. You can still watch this online or you can choose to download it.

5. Black Sails

It is based on Captain Flint who was one the most heated pirates in history. This one is filled with action and if action is your thing you should watch this asap. The story follows Captain Flint who has to try and control an island which is overrun by bandits and pirates. You’ll get to know all the characters during the first season which will keep you hooked. 

6. American Gods

This follows the story of an ex-con who becomes the bodyguard of an old man who hired him rather mysteriously. It also tells us that Gods and Magic are real. The bodyguard finds himself stuck in the midst of a power struggle involving the old and the new Gods. This show doesn’t stray from its original material and this is very rare these days. 

7. The Bastard Executioner

Like Rome, this show was also canceled just after a single season. The story is about a soldier who tries to live a peaceful life as he is tired of war but he always ends up in situations which can only be solved with violence. He finally becomes an executioner and slaughters his enemies without blinking. Watch this show for its amazing storyline and though this show doesn’t have any nudity, it more than makes up for it with its gore content.

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