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Aaroohi Dudeja


Healthy Today Might Not Be a Healthy Tomorrow: Understanding the Importance of a Healthy Body verified tick

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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It’s a well-known saying by Mahatma Gandhi that it is the health that is real wealth and not the pieces of silver and gold. Health is the most important factor in our lives and we should always keep up with it. With a good health we can achieve almost anything and it is the most important thing for anyone to sustain. A healthy body uproots a healthy mind and a healthy soul, whereas an unhealthy body restrains an individual. 

Now, we all know the importance of health, healthy body, balanced diet and a lot more related to this, but how many of us actually follow this? Well, as a matter of fact very less out of all us follow healthy regimes and most of us munch on all the possible junk and unhealthy food we have. It’s the changing lifestyle and new food trends that are developing and attracting us towards them that are also not so healthy. We are all moving so fast in our lives that we don’t think much before eating anything whether that is healthy or not. We have all decided to be foodies and eat everything that is very tasty and looks good. Considering all this for a second, eating is not bad, it's eating anything that is bad. It is very important to work hard and achieve success in our lives but no success is worth it if we destroy our health in the process of earning millions. 


If we think about how the people older than us used to live their life and we compare it with our routines now, we’d understand that we are dealing with our health in a very wrong manner. We do not have set routines when it comes to eating or sleeping. Our health is very much dependent on the factors like sleep and eating habits and if we continue to ignore it like this, we might appear really healthy today, but our future can be tarnished. 

The fast-moving world and the changing lives have forced people to adopt not so healthy eating and sleeping habits and all of this ultimately affects our body weight, immunity, shape, etc. One does not have to go to extreme extents to get healthy, it’s just the small daily unhealthy habits that need to be changed. We should focus on general fitness training where we don’t work on getting big biceps and muscles but we work by eating healthy.


What can be done to achieve a healthy body in the long run?

One can achieve fitness easily at home without going every day to gym or indulging in any hardcore diet training just by setting small and accomplishable daily goals. We have to realize the fact that you can change your habits in a day or a week is possible but is definitely not healthy as the body needs time to accept the changes. Setting aims that are to be achieved in a very short time frame are sometimes helpful but sometimes these goals are harmful in the long run. It is neither healthy nor advisable that you change a lot of your food habits a very less time, and this is because doing so can mess up with your body’s physical, mental and hormonal balance. Changing habits should be eventual and these habits should tend towards a healthy long term goal not short term goals like weight loss or a well-toned body. Following are some measures that can be given some thought for a healthier tomorrow.


It’s not that going to gym for achieving a good shape or a healthy body is not advisable, but usually people laze out after a few days of going to the gym and hence, we must follow basic and easy routines that can be followed at home and by people of any age without overburdening themselves. Most important thing about following a healthy routine is that you should feel positive and happy that even though sometimes the routine can get stressful but in the long run your body will reward you with its energy and exuberance. 



To begin with, fitness has a lot to do with your sleeping habits. If you have a normal sleep schedule then maintaining a healthy diet will yield results in no time. Everyone should understand that an average adult human body needs 8-9 hours of sleep daily and if given that appropriately, the body system works efficiently. Also, youngsters nowadays have a weird sleep schedules and maintain no proper timings of sleep. Sleeping early and waking up early is the best thing you could do to set your body clock right. Most of the people who do not maintain a proper sleep cycle can face issues like obesity, insomnia, hypersomnia, etc. in the long run.


Food habits weigh a lot when it comes to determining your fitness. Eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet remains the most important thing but when to eat and how much to eat are also the things that one has consider. If you are someone who is trying to lose weight then eating on the right time and dividing your meals into multiple small portions is really important. It is usually advised that you should have small portioned meals in every 2-3 hours because this helps the body system fasten its metabolism and also maintains a hormonal balance. Also, maintaining a proper nutritional balance is very important. Following diet plans that are not fulfilling your nutritional needs is not a good thing to do. Nowadays many online websites and mobile applications help people with diet plans which help them observe their progress alongside maintaining their nutritional needs.




Other than sleeping schedules and food habits, doing a physical activity is very important for one’s body. The physical activity can be anything from gymming to walking, but is something that has to be added to your daily routine. There are many activities like yoga, Pilates, Zumba that not only affect your health positively but they are fun to learn and can be great stress relievers. Going to gym is not necessary nowadays and this is because of advent of technology and presence of platforms like YouTube that you can learn gym activities appropriately at home without paying hefty amounts or needing personal trainers. 

Consider all the aspects of having a healthy life and understand it’s never too late to start working towards a healthy life and healthy body. Take up the charge of your body and treat it like a temple, it is the place where your soul resides. Also, don’t consider yourself and your health just for the present, you ought to build yourself a long yet healthy life.

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