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Souhardya Nandi


Harry Potter is a must read, and here's why

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived.

Utter these words to any 'Potterhead ' around the world, to anyone who has had the pleasure of delving into the beautiful world JK Rowling designed for us, and you will see what happiness really means. You will see the sparkle in his eyes few men are lucky to ever exhibit.

Harry Potter has left a deep impact on our lives. Just watch how many people are there on Pottermore. Why! The other day, I saw a video of enthusiasts dueling in Potter style using firecrackers.

But why is it so captivating ? Why do so many people read and enjoy it ? And why you should too ? Here's why.

Spoiler Alert

Yes, there are dragons, wands, flying brooms, elves and even a killer tree. But that's really a very shallow description of the Potter world. This story is about responsibilty, about love, about respect, about friendship and above all, courage to fight what is wrong. And before the realists cringe, trust me, you will want to read this. Its as real as life gets and as fictional as your imagination can wander off to.

This is a story about an orphaned wizard boy, who through his courage and wit, keeps the evil at bay and in the end, defeats ' He Who Must Not Be Named'. And it is so much more about the journey than it is about the destination. You will learn about the mysteries of the Chambers of Secrets. You will sneer at Professor Snape and later cry out " Always ". You may even spell out Expecto Patronum and unveal what shape your memories take. You will be a wanderer of a very intriguing world where literally nothing is impossible.

You will enjoy the Quidditch Games. You will travel on The Scarlet Express. You will be sorted into your house as well. And you never know, the cat sitting on the desk can be Professor McGonagall. You will marvel at the wisdom of Professor Dumbledore. You may even receive the Sword of Gryffindor. You may also look up at the Mirror of Erised and see a father smiling at his son, seperated by the glass, the parchment between truth and imagination. Perhaps even in the wizarding world, there are losses and heartbreaks.

You will learn about a great school where life unfolds in the most mysterious of ways.You will laugh. You will cry. But above all, you will learn to hope and believe. Believe that whatever happens, life finds a way. Believe that however invincible the evil may seem to be, truth always triumphs.

You will meet dementors. You will meet a boggart. You will meet elves and The Nearly Headless Nick. You will brew potions, fight duels and even lament at the death of a loved one.

And then you will realize, life is all about living in the moments. This franchise is a full package in the true sense of the term.

Marvel. For you will tread the road less travelled. And probably at the end of it all, your hand will reach up to your forehead and some distant soul would say," The scar has not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well."

Learn to believe, readers. For then, you may hope that your life may change, into as interesting as of The Boy Who Lived.

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