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Getting Acquainted with the World of Deep Learningverified tick

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10 months ago
10 months ago
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The concept of Machine Learning has revolutionized the technological world. The advent of this field of computer science, which uses data analysis to progressively improve the performance of a machine on a particular task and thereby give the machine the ability to predict accurate outcomes, has hit every sector of the industry for all the good reasons.

Machine learning field is vast and entails several subfields. Many of these subfields are a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Deep learning is one of those subfields.

Understanding Deep Learning

Deep Learning can be considered as a blend of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Deep learning algorithms are based on the structure and the functioning of the brain known as the neural networks. By this, we mean that in deep learning, an attempt is made to understand the human approach of learning things and acquiring types of knowledge.

Let's take an example of a child. We try to make a child learn what a cow is and what is not a cow by pointing at the object. The child eventually understands all the characteristics possessed by a cow and learns what a cow is.

In deep learning, many machine learners have to be put into use which gives their opinion to the other machine learners acting as an input to them. This is quite a complex architecture to implement.

Deep Learning Applications

In the practical world, deep learning has been used to synthesize a lot of models.

  • Language detection - Deep learning algorithms can be reinforced to distinguish between different dialects of a language. A machine learning method can help identify the language one is speaking in and then an AI can be engaged to learn the different dialects of the language. Post the dialect is identified, another AI stimulation will specialize in that particular dialect of that particular language. All of this does not involve human intervention at all.
  • Image caption generator - This is another capability of deep learning. Deep learning methods can be put into use to identify an image and to create a logical caption that is framed properly with proper sentence structure for that particular image.
  • Deep-learning robots - Deep learning is extremely powerful in this respect. Deep learning algorithms can help to make a robot learn just by observing the human actions of completing a certain task that is provided through the inputs of several other AIs in order to take that particular action. Deep learning models simulate how our human brain processes inputs from its past experiences, gathering any input from senses and considering any extra information or data that is provided. Based on this, robots are taught to process the different tasks assigned to it based on the input provided to it by different AIs.

Deep learning models have proved their metal in the technical world bringing in some innovative applications. With further studies and research, deep learning algorithms have the ability and are capable of achieving much more in the future years to come. The world of deep learning is set to accelerate and grow to new heights.

By Rinali Kapadia

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