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Fuel your Recruiting Engine with Free Job Posting

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14 days ago
14 days ago
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“Right” Jobs are the key to “Right” Staffing!


How do you get a gamut of applicants for free?

How will you opt for one that will exceed your expectations?

The answer is — “Free Online Job Posting”!

It is your resort to source several candidates’ resumes and to select the one that you find most suitable for your organization.

Generally, there are free and paid postings available on the internet. They are categorized according to streams of engineering so that recruiters or hiring managers or business owners will get the flexibility to target the candidates.

So, let’s take a shot. If there is a option of getting free job posting, then why to go for paid ones, isn’t it?

Remember, every free asset doesn’t ditch value. Rather, it can be beneficial to a certain extent.

How do Free Job Posting help Recruiters?

The world is flooding with so many graduates — whether it is Engineering or Management. And, with a doubt, candidates are talented and have good knowledge about their specific stream.

However, it is your job to explore online portals and take a deep dive into pool of candidates. Even, these job platforms give you the flexibility to target through “keywords”, “location”, “engineering stream”, or “experience” criteria. It makes it very convenient for recruiters to advertise their jobs to the relevant audience within less time.

  • Keywords: As a recruiter, it is your responsibility to get the right person for your organization. “Keywords” play a crucial part in it. Keywords are like those words that most of the job seekers use to search the jobs. Their specific search will pull up your job listings if it has the right keywords. You should properly include job position, roles, responsibility etc.

  • Location: Whether you want the engineering graduate for your location or your subsidiary company at other location, you can put it against the job. You can filter the applicants on that criteria too. These portals do the majority of the work of getting the right candidates.

  • Stream: The respective “Stream” is the other approach to pin point suitable candidates on these job portals. No matter, whether you are a recruiting agency or business owner, you have this healthy option to look out for the candidate by the stream, such as Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science, Electronics, Sales, Marketing etc.

  • Experience: The free job posting are stored on these job platforms according to “experience” as well. If you are looking for a fresher with good skills and competence to perform well as a team player, you can filter by the “freshers”, and on the flip side, if you want a project manager or other higher post, you can filter the database with “experienced” (you can also choose number of years of experience) keyword.

In the nutshell, free job posting facility acts a blessing for the recruiting agencies or hiring managers or business owners, as they will showcase their requirements to the candidate without costing a dime. And, it is quite helpful to hire the best candidate for their businesses.

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