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Friyan Dossabhoy


From Seventh Heaven to The Shape of Water– How Oscars have changed over the years

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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The Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards, has been held since 1929 every year. These can be called as a set of awards for excellence in various achievements in the cinema industry. It is the oldest entertainment awards ceremony in the world. There have been many changes and upgrades, the composition has changed, many categories have come and gone, even the pattern of the statue has slightly changed over the years. Millions of people watch the Oscars today unlike before where they would not even broadcast it on the television. The first broadcast on radio was in the year 1930 and on television was in 1953.

Let's take a look over what has changed over the years.

1. Number of attendees

The first Oscar ceremony that was held on May 16, 1929 hosted a private dinner function at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles for 270 industry insiders.

Now over 3,000 people can be accommodated in the Dolby Theater. In fact, there are seat fillers to fill the space, all of whom must stick to rules.

2. Cost of each ticket

The guests paid $5 each ticket and the event was specifically for the invitees only. Those $5 value as $73 in modern currency.

3. Duration

The first Academy Awards lasted for just 15 minutes. The ceremony was more like a private dinner function and just because the winners were already published much before, it did not take long. But now that more categories are introduced, it lasts for hours.

4. Number of statues awarded

Only 15 statues were allocated in the first Academy Awards. Today, a total of 24 statues or to be precise, categories are present. Unlike today, there was no debate over which movies would sweep the awards because they were already announced three months in advance in the Academy’s newsletter and then in Los Angeles Times.

5. Acceptance speech

It is quite conventional for music being played at the back of a winner giving an emotional acceptance speech. This wasn't the case before. Also, earlier the speakers would take long with their winning speeches. In the year 2010, a time limit of 45 seconds was allotted for every speech.

6. Fashion trend


The fashion trend keeps changing over years. In the case of Academy Awards dressing, it has become more formal. Different themes and dress code have changed as per the trend.


In the year 1941 (duration of World War ll), the nominee's were actually asked to dress in dark colors.

7. Voting members

Who gets to vote for these awards? The lifetime and active Academy members do. During the initial years, the number was less than 100 members. It kept increasing every year and today the voting body has a strength of around 7000 members. Now certain rules are followed by the board to select an active member for voting.

This year will mark 91st Academy Awards that remains as announced on Sunday, February 24, 2019 for the telecast. Even though the viewership is said to shrink every year, the new category for popular film is getting people talking today.

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Insiya Kaba

Wow! Who knew what went behind these star studded events! Nice work!

4 months ago