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Suruchi Bhargava


Finding your Career Purpose

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Everyone talks about having a great career but there is hardly any emphasis on career purpose. It’s not exactly the career but the career purpose that propels us to work hard as much as we do and love it at the same time. It is what bestows on us a sense of contentment and plenitude.

We don’t want to live our entire life just to earn enough to subsist or get by. We crave a meaning but not everyone finds that calling easily. Some of us get into a plethora of things before finding out that we were meant to do something entirely different (and yes, sometimes, we really could not see that coming).

The first and foremost viewpoint on this is happiness. If you are truly happy in your career, you may have already found your calling but if not, it’s time to give it a thought because life is too short to be spent doing a job you hate. Maybe you love your job but it is costing you ‘yourself’ or something that is important to you like time for hobbies, family, etc.

Just because your parent or teachers thought a career was suitable for you, doesn’t mean it is. Find a career that makes you happy and build your life around it. What do you truly want? Also, money matters but it should not be the sole reason to drive you; you should feel the passion and love for what you do.

If you aren’t sure about it, start a side hustle and do it until you’re sure you are ready to go all in. There is no harm in trying, if anything it will fetch you some extra income. At one point or the other, you have to take the leap. Finding a career purpose is discovering oneself; to know yourself better and hone your skills and interests. Evaluate your strong points; the unique and positive attributes you possess. Also to know what you want, you got to know what you don’t want. Ask yourself what type of work you would want to explore and your reasons to go for it. When you find a career purpose, life becomes passion-driven.

The career purpose is not just to feed your innate desire for fame, success and happiness but also enabling others to have the same, it is for the general good. You don’t have to win a Nobel Prize or be the top CEO in the world. You just have to do whatever you do with a purpose to elevate others as well (while not compromising on your own dreams). When your soul craves a purpose, it is easier to connect the dots.

“I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same thing as 'making a life'.” 

― Maya Angelou

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Nitish Gupta

Perfect...!!! This should be the goal👌

3 months ago 
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surbhi bhargava

Amazing write-up Miss Suruchi.

3 months ago 
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Animesh Shandilya

Can't be more apt!

3 months ago