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Sakshi Darpan


Feminism from the heart of a feminist!

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Feminist movement focuses on equality to both the genders irrespective of the gender. Feminism is about filling the gap between the opportunities and privileges getting by men and that of women, the gap, which has been created by the society over hundreds of years.

On the other hand sexism is about the unfair treatment of people because of their gender.

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We already know that feminism is not sexism.

Don’t we?

 In fact, the whole point of breathing and exponentially growing feminist movement is about eradicating the evil sexism. On the contrary, sub-consciously the media, society and we as individuals are ending up promoting this atrocity camouflaging feminism.

We frequently devour people yelling at rallies and in general “respect us, because we are women”.

 How many times have you heard people saying “respect us, because we are men”?

Now this quote “Respect us, because we are men” puts us in a bit of discomfort, apparently because, we have barely seen someone speaking of it. We have barely bolstered a man screaming “respect me, because I am a man”.

 Don’t they deserve respect?

Of course they do, just as much as all the women out there do.

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Or wait, if you conclude they don’t need to ask for it because they are already getting it everywhere including at work , amongst friends and family. Let me clear those misconception then .They don’t, at least not everybody. There are men who get harassed at workplace by their female boss. There are men who are abused by their wives. But, they feel ashamed of admitting it. There are men who are bullied in college for something or other. When they become the victim they don’t say “hey, you can’t do any wrong to me because I am a man.” There, the whole privilege of being born as a male goes into trash because disrespect knows no gender.

This anti-male driven, haphazard and misunderstood concept of feminism puts the whole point of feminist movement in shame.

Why an individual should be respected because of their gender?

Why each one of us can’t be respected because we deserve it.

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Let’s stop looking for respect because we belong to a particular gender. Let’s put aside the gender biasedness and get respected for not being a “man” or a “woman” but for being a good human being.

Let’s earn respect and a place in people’s hearts for our beliefs, values and wisdom and not because how the sperm fusion took place in your mother’s body.

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Avneet Kaur

Such a fresh perspective!

5 months ago 
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namit bhasin

Well written.

5 months ago 
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Pratik Darpan


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Sweta Kumari


5 months ago 
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Pankaj Sharma


5 months ago