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Factors to consider while buying Electronic Dart Board

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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When you are buying an electronic dart board, you have a few more things to consider because of the added features. So, here they are:

  • The Display

The electronic boards will count your scores but how will you know the scores? Through its display definitely. Therefore, firstly look for an LED screen of such a dart board. Although LCD screens also perform well but LED screens are much better. Then, check how visible it is and how bright it can be. You do not want to strain your eyes to read what it says. Furthermore, see how organized and easy to read its contents are. You do not have all day to figure your stage out when you are playing so the LED or LCD screen should clearly and briefly convey its message.

  • Tracking metrics and Number of games.

The electronic boards usually track your score by the stimuli received from the number of sensitive tiny holes that composes its surface. It will count your score the moment a dart hits the surface.

Apart from that, an electronic dart board actually has a number of types of games programmed in it that you can play with your friends. Yes, dart games fo not just comprise of you trying to hit the bullseye. There are exciting variations that electronic boards offer and the score of which it keeps a record of. You can find variations of about fifty games like cricket. Baseball, shanghai programmed in an electronic dartboard. So, choose the one that has the right number of games and the right type for you.

  • The number of players

With other boards, you can play with any number of players as you will manually keep track of the scores. However, if you want your electronic board to keep track of the individual scores and provide a cumulative result at the end, you have to consider how many players it supports at a time. If you are buying a bar or club, you will definitely need more capacity. Therefore, consider the number of players who might be playing it and also the number the board supports.

  • The Material


High-quality thermoplastic materials like nylon usually make the surface of electronic darts. You have to be sure that the board you are buying has authentic and good-quality material used in its build. The next thing you need to be aware of is the bounce out effect. Apparently, the soft tipped darts will be more prone to bouncing off the surface and the manufacturers can take care of it. They should include extra thin rings to avoid these bounce outs. You should try and check if any such rings are present.

  • Plug-in and power

One of the greatest concerns when using an electronic dart board is how you will power it. Electronic dart boards use both batteries and AC. Now, if they use a battery, installation and connecting it is no big deal. However, if the one you are buying uses AC to power itself, you will need to consider its adapter, the length of the wire and the pin as well.

You have to make sure that you can easily plug in the adapter and there is a perfect place for the dart board to be placed in.

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