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Prashant Gupta


"Men as a gender have collectively failed humanity !" - Explained.

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Any MAN who believes that gender is not a factor in determining how much respect one gets in life is living in denial. Whether it is about career opportunities or payment for work gender has played a pivotal role in showing women their ostensibly inferior status that is acquired by them in the fetal stage and stays with them no matter they become student, educated, married or a working lady. Women are always considered second to men regardless of their capacities and abilities. Even if she is more intelligent and hard-working than a man, it is the gender that compensates for man's lesser abilities and capacities. When the question arises about who is better and more productive, it is gender that draws an extra point for men when there's a tie.

As it comes to justifying why men get more privileges than women, all statements and arguments trickle down to the inherent benefits and perks that come along with the person born man. These perks are showered on him because his father too had enjoyed such privileges. His father had enjoyed such privileges because his forefathers had. The reason why the forefathers had enjoyed such perks because they were somehow convinced and believed that men are better than women .Even today it is generally assumed rather than conclusively established that when a same task is given to a man and a woman , it is HE who will perform better. It is widely known now through multiple scientific researches and surveys that women are in no way behind men. The high exalted status that men enjoy just because of their gender and the unfair treatment that a women is subjected to has somehow made many people believed that it is indeed a man's world.

We all have woken up to Whatsapp forwards from our contacts or friends with whom we are hardly in contact. These messages mention numerous cases and videos of violence and assault on women. Even the news channel telecast tons of such cases.

While working as an intern in an NGO, I had such bitter experience of unfair male dominance and misogyny. While travelling to my office in an e-rickshaw, I was travelling with two other men. Those men, I believe were highly opinionated of themselves. They looked immensely proud and boastful of the fact that they were Men and took it as their right to insult and harass women. Those men would comment on any girl passing by and shouted abusive words to them. They somehow believed that women could be abused for no reason (A woman should not be abused for any reason whatsoever) and it is not in their authority to retaliate.After this, the two friends went on conversing about the girls and how he had once threatened to rape a girl and no one would even know. Never had I encountered such vicious men.

After a few moments of witnessing this horrible dominance of some men another incident happened. There came a religious institution on our way. The men who were so aggressive and boastful till now bowed their heads and prayed to God asking sorry for their wrong deeds had they done any(this is a common gesture in India to bow down when a temple appears.)

Hundreds of such incidents of harassing women occur everyday and almost all of them are unreported which motivates such timid chauvinism of some anti social elements.Even though this incident i faced was momentary but it left important lessons for life to be learnt by men "To respect women ".

Apparently when some men are born in society they take it as their pride to pass sexist remarks on a woman , harass them , threaten to rape them (in fact they rape them) and many a times they escape without being held guilty. They do not even accept that they had done anything wrong to the girls.

The bigger irony in such encounter was how double-standard people are in following God.On one hand we pray to God, ask for forgiveness, on the other hand we deliberately do such acts that he strongly condemns. Of course it’s not about being from one particular religion and one particular community. Such people have no religion at all. Above all, we have a bigger religion to follow, the religion of "Humanity" and the first principle is being respectful to the female gender which everyone must follow.

The female population has already been suppressed from much older times and it should happen no more. Of course who are men to judge on how a woman walks and decide what a woman must wear or how short should it be. Just like a man chooses his liberty by himself, the same must be ensured to women by the society.

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