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Sumit Mukherjee


Do You Remember What Instagram Looked Like 8 Years Ago? Here's How it Changed Over Time

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Over 1 Billion people use Instagram, the number is slightly lesser than the most populated country in the world, China.

The instagram you see today, wasn't always the same.

In the past 8 years it went through a massive transformation. Thanks to the User Experience Experts at Instagram who took user feedbacks and user research seriously and built the perfect Instagram we use today.

Here is what Instagram used to look like in 2011. It was more of a Minimum Viable Product back then. Simple and Sleek.

For Instagram 2013 brought in some new editing options along with some new filters and functions. Some of the old filters were removed and new ones were added.

In 2015 Instagram moved towards flat design. Keeping in mind google's material design standards. Now the app looked way clean and crisp compared to the last UI.

Finally here's the one that available to us right now. In 2019 Instagram is the hottest social media platform. Removing blue primary color and bringing in white and black has made the app look really sleek and crisp and helped in highlighting the images more making them seem more colorful.

What are your views? Do you love the current Instagram or you want your old Instagram back?

Comment down below and let me know.

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