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Difference Between Beard Brush and Beard Comb

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a month ago
a month ago
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One of the most common questions is the difference between a brush and a beard comb, and what are the differentiators to determine which of the two is the most suitable for each use. So today we will try to dispel that doubt, so you know which of the two best suits your needs.


Beard Brushes vs. Beard Combs


Before starting, you should know that most quality beard brushes and combs are made of natural materials and sows of animal source since they are the most suitable for the facial hair care. However, there are brushes and combs with artificial or synthetic materials that you could also use if you are looking for a vegan option. Let's get started!


1.   Beard brushes

 Beard brush is an essential tool since it not only serves to stylize your beard, but it can also help you to evenly spread the products you apply on it (e.g. beard oil). Therefore, we firmly believe that we should all have one when we are trying to grow facial hair.


When to use a brush for the beard?

 Although the brush can be used at any stage, it is best to use it in the early stages of facial hair growth, since its bristles will help direct the hair towards the direction you choose. It also helps create an illusion of volume when you go through your beard, making it look longer, rich and thick than it actually is!


It is always a good time to use a brush for beard, regardless of the length. When you pass a good brush through your beard is you are healing. It is one of the most important acts of your beard care routine. It is also important to use a comb for beard and moustache in order to untangle and groom properly from the beginning, also helps to mould and maintain the symmetry in the cut. As you grow your beard, you will realize that if you do not use a brush, you will have the feeling that it has a life of its own. The worst thing is that the hair usually stays in the opposite direction to what you want, or protrudes alarmingly in some areas.


Also, the brush will act as a stimulant of your hair follicles to massage your skin causing more blood flow, thus helping your beard to be more populated. It is advisable to brush your beard at least 2 times a day.


Additional tip: The beard brush also acts as an exfoliating agent since the bristles will help to remove dead skin particles.


 2.   Beard combs

 Now it is time to explain the advantages of combs on brushes. There will come a time when you decide to use a comb and you do not know what to choose, what types are available and what options you find in the market should be shuffled. We are aware that although there is a wide variety of combs in the market, the combs that we recommend are made and polished by hand and unlike the cheap combs that you can find anywhere else. The best handmade beard combs do not have imperfect teeth. This feature will not damage your hair when you use it. Another "advantage" they have over the brushes, is that they are mostly made of artificial materials and polymers so they can last longer and are a vegan option.


 When to use a beard comb?

 Unlike brushes, combs are recommended when your beard already has significant growth. Since the combs, due to their hardness, will penetrate all your beard and will make it easier to style your hair. The disadvantage that we see with the combs is that they can become quite expensive. So we would not recommend them if you are not thinking about using a long beard.


Why should I brush or comb my beard?

 Brushing/combing is good for your beard. However, it is recommend doing it a maximum of 2 times a day because to do it more often, you could treat your beard gravely. Brushing too often will create split ends, damaging the facial hair that we have worked so hard to grow.


At what time of day is it better to brush my beard?

 We recommend doing it in the mornings, since, being freshly bathed, it will be much easier, since the hot or warm water helps the brushes and combs to slide more easily. For the second occasion it may be at night when you wash your face before sleeping, also the water and soap you use, will help your process of brushing / combing your beard.





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