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Detoxify, detoxify or detox

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Detoxifying, detoxifying or purifying should help the body to break down and excrete pollutants. Here you can find out if detoxification makes sense and what measures are appropriate.

Detoxification measures are meant to cleanse the body, remove toxins from the body and make us fitter and healthier. After all, we are exposed to pollutants in many areas of life. But on this topic, the views of some conventional medicine and complementary medicine are sometimes far apart. Why is that so? We did some research and went to the school doctor Dr. med. Edmund Schmidt and the famous fasting doctor Ruediger Dahlke asked.

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In this article, you'll find references to detox studies, information about conventional medical views, and "alternative" methods to rid the body of unnecessary ballast.

In the following interview excerpt, one of the most experienced fasting doctors in German-speaking countries talks about what is meant by the term "slag" in the body, what kinds of deposits there are in the different tissues and what measures are there to detoxify.

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke is a doctor, psychotherapist and multiple bestselling author eg on Amazon: The great book of fasting or fasting consciously:

A spiritual guide to new experiences . An essential part of his work around a conscious lifestyle are fasting seminars in which he accompanies people for 40 years. Dahlke also speaks plain language about what he thinks of continuing education-resistant conventional medicine.


Our organism is exposed to many pollutants. Exhaust gases and fine dust pollute the air. In vegetables and fruits residues of heavy metals or pesticides may be found. Food, cosmetics and detergents contain preservatives, fragrances, dyes and many other additives. In addition, we often have a lot of stress, eat unhealthy food, consume alcohol or cigarettes and move too little.

Also mold toxins (for example, in case of mold in the apartment), chemicals in textiles (clothing, carpets) or medicines must be detoxified and excreted by the body. In alternative medicine, it is undisputed that such pollutants can accumulate and, in the long run, can lead to fatigue, a weakened immune system and various chronic diseases.

Detoxification, detoxification or detoxification are not new inventions, but were already part of the traditional healing arts around 2000 years ago, for example in Indian Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today very different methods are summarized under these terms. They all have in common that they should help the body to get rid of pollutants. This can be done by stimulating the natural metabolic processes or by active removal of the harmful substances. Often additional measures are taken to reduce the further absorption of pollutants.

This is how natural detoxification works in the body

Our body has a sophisticated system to get rid of toxins. In the course of evolution, the human organism has adapted perfectly to the environment. Cell damage can be repaired and pollutants eliminated. In our body, the detoxification of harmful substances takes place mainly via the liver and kidneys, but also bile, intestine, skin, lungs and lymphatic system are involved.

The liver plays the central role. It degrades harmful degradation products from the metabolism or externally supplied pollutants, converts them into non-toxic substances, makes them water-soluble and leads them to excretion via the urine or intestine.

However, today we are exposed to many influences that are so new that our bodies could not adapt to it. Can our body still cope with toxins today? Do we have to and can we support him in reducing or eliminating pollutants? Below you will find information from conventional medicine and alternative medicine.

Another reason for the skepticism are the many methods available for detoxification. For some, the benefits can be scientifically proven, but not others. There are also black sheep among the sellers. Because Detox is trendy and can sell well. It does not remain that even a lot of useless or overpriced products are offered. Some remedies are even harmful. However, I personally find it a pity that many people see only the conventional medical side, others only the alternative medical side.

Many methods of detoxification make sense. Historically, they are often based on observations and on the fact that people felt better, fitter and more efficient after that - even if the explanations were not medically correct with today's knowledge. Even conventional medicine knows many ways to detoxify.

This includes all measures that support the excretory organs such as liver, kidney and intestine or strengthen the immune system. Nutrition provides antioxidants that protect our body cells from oxidative stress (2). Studies show that fasting - especially intermittent fasting - has very positive effects (3, 4). You can read more about this in the last chapter of this article, where you will find various ideas and options for detoxification.


Detoxification, detoxification and detoxification are among the most important treatment methods in natural medicine and alternative medicine. It is believed that toxins accumulate in the body and can lead to disease. Especially if the intestine, liver or kidneys do not work undisturbed.

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