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Delhi Diaries: You Will Love These Great Unexplored Road Trip Routes From the Capital

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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If you are someone who practically dreams of travelling every weekend, chances are you must have visited the famous road trip destinations of India. We bring you some of the unusual and uncommon must take road trips from the capital of India.


How many of these have you checked off?

1. Garhmukhteshwar

Located at just about 110 kms from Delhi, this is the closest place to visit holy Ganges. If you are lucky, you may also spot dolphins here. The trip shouldn’t take you more than two to three hours.

2. Morni

Source- TripAdvisor

Located at about 260 km from Delhi, it is the nearest hill station, located in Haryana. Dense forest covers, scenic views and breathtaking environment make the place an absolute delight. Make sure you visit the famous dhabas at Murthal, Ambala and Zirakpur.

3. Parwanoo


Though it is not really close to Delhi, stepping into Himalayas is tempting enough to drive a little more. Wide roads, lush green hills and pleasant weather makes Parwanoo the ultimate summer vacation destination. Located about 270 kms from Delhi, the trip should take about 6 hours.

4. Kangojodi

Source- Twitter

A relatively new and unpopular road trip from Delhi, it’s a little forest that deserves a visit at least once. The place offers a plethora of adventure activities and games to indulge and be away from the hustle bustle of commercial city life.

5. Sariska, Rajasthan


Known for its Sariska Tiger Reserve, it is home to many wild animals and a breed of uncommon birds. Only 190 kms from Delhi, Sariska is the ultimate destination for nature lovers.

6. Landour, Uttarakhand


One of the untouched and unexplored road trips to take, Landour was originally a military cantonment town. Only a few know it is also home to the legendary author Ruskin bond. Located at about 325 km from Delhi, Landour is famous for its delicious cheese pizzas.

7. Pilibhit

Source- YouTube

A small district in Uttar Pradesh, it is called the land of flutes as it supplies 95% of country’s flutes. Located at 274 kms from Delhi, it is also home to the greatest forest covers.

8. Gushaini


Gushaini is 550 km away from Delhi and offers some great trekking and hiking opportunities. It’s a long journey, so plan a trip only if you are an adventure freak.

9. Una

A small town in Gujarat, Una is 364 kms away from Delhi. Known for its beaches and lake gardens, it is the perfect destination to get away from the city madness.

Which one is on your list next?

By Disha Sethi

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