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Daily Eco Friendly Measures To Make Our Earth a Better Placeverified tick

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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With all the environmental damages we have done, it’s time to undo them and take measures to improve the condition. This doesn’t necessarily need to include a massive input but some basic habits which collectively can bring some major changes.

These measures need to be disciplined and passed on from people to people to save our home planet.

1. Finding Substitutes

Paper usage means more trees are getting cut down. So in order to prevent that, we can reduce the usage of paper by replacing it with making notes on our electronic tabs, phones, laptops and computers. Similarly, replace plastic bags with reusable grocery bags that will ensure repetitive use of a single bag. Trash bags that can really help.

2. Prevent Wastage

Generally people have everything in excess which is where the problem arises. This is because when there is excess, there is exploitation. The first thing we need to prevent wasting is water. So make sure that we use the amount we need. Same goes for food. Indians love to cook in ample. However, most of time the foods are getting wasted. Proper management of food can be done by sharing the excess with the people in need or feeding the street animals so that you contribute in fulfilling their basic needs. All the resources we have need to treated as per our needs and not as luxuries.

3. Sharing is Caring

This is where the community effort comes to effect. People need to realize that whatever we practice at home to keep the planet green, that needs to be done in groups. This involves car pooling for going to work or school instead of using individual mode of transport which causes more pollution. Then, practicing planting of trees in respective housing complexes as a ritual. Ensure the proper disposal of waste by everyone living around you and pass on the knowledge to others. Putting a stop to fireworks and celebrate festivities keeping in mind the environmental damages that can be prevented.

4. Refuse

This is one of the most ignored practices where we tend to keep whatever we get. Say no to products that are harmful for the environment. This includes polythene bags for packaging, straws and plastic cups in restaurants, paper handouts, wrapping papers etc. This might not be possible every time but ensure that you do it whenever possible.

5. Vegan Way

Eating meat is actually responsible for 18% emission of greenhouse gas. So reducing the consuming of meat and opting for vegetarian food and non dairy products can actually improve the condition of our environment. Yes vegan way might not be easy for all and it does take time to entirely shift to it but reduction can also contribute to make things better. If you cannot give up meat entirely, work on reducing it’s consumption.

6. Renewable Sources of Energy

We all have read about renewable sources of energy and now with all the advancement, these are becoming quite popular. This includes the use of these energies for providing electricity. However when it comes to use, we can use appliances those run on these energies that include solar panels, wind turbines, solar air conditioning and so on.

Share the lifestyle changes you have done to make the planet a better place to stay. Tell us what else can we do to prevent any harm to this planet.

By Arkamita Ghosh

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