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Harsh Talreja


Cyclades, Greece: Explore the famous beaches and olive-rich hillsides...

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The group of islands known as the Cyclades includes some of the loveliest beaches, towns and landscapes in all of Greece.

Awash with legend and history, alive with music and pleasure, the islands offer something for everyone. Explore at leisure the famous beaches of Ios and Naxos, the timeless towns and olive rich hills of Kea and Andros. You may never want to leave.

The Cyclades are named so because they form a circle around the small island of Delos, one of the most significant political and religious sites of the ancient Greek world. Today, although uninhabited, Delos remains of great interest as an archaeological site whose superb monuments draw thousands of visitors annually.

Naxos, the largest and most fertile of the islands, lies at the centre of the Aegean. Its principal town is one of the most attractive in the Cyclades. Stroll from the harbor to the Venetian castle enjoying the narrow streets, making sure to stop in a picturesque bar to sample the many local varieties of ouzo. To the west of the island, take long walks along the many spectacular cliffs, but be sure to return to the east coast for some of Greece’s finest beaches.

Cyclades, Greece Ios, although small, is perhaps the most visited of the islands.

Splendid unending beaches prove irresistible for every variety of pleasures. Discotheques and a wide variety of restaurants provide entertainment while away from the busy coast you can gain insight into the traditional aspects of Greek life. Be sure to visit the medieval castle and the row of windmills, which top the principal town.

The island of Mykonos is similarly renowned and attracts a large number of intellectuals and artists. In the little harbour of the capital, Hora, fishing boats and luxury yachts compete for space while a distinctly cosmopolitan air characterizes the streets above. Explore the perfectly whitewashed houses and pretty churches, before relaxing with a bottle of cold Greek wine and some distinctive local cuisine.

A translucent sea and eternally blue sky characterize all of the Cycladic islands, but Andros, the second largest of the group, is certainly among the loveliest. Valleys planted with olive trees, figs, oranges, lemons and vines are rich with appealing odors while numerous streams trickle through gorges and course down rugged mountains.

Santorini is similarly renowned. Discover its distinctive volcanic landscape and celebrated archaeological sites such as the ‘Greek Pompeii’ at Akrotiri.

Quiet Kea and lovely Kythnos cannot be missed and then on to Folegandros, Anafi, and Tinos; so many islands and yet each seems lovelier.

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