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aquib javed khan


Thekedar Saab; a tale of views towards life.

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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In a small village there was a contractor titled Noor muhammad, who used to built houses. He was a renowned contractor and everyone used to call him thekedar(contractor) saab. Noor saab, was of very humble nature and had very simple and contented vision towards life.

Once, he was constructing a two story house of which estimated cost was about 19 lacs. But during the construction as the first floor completes, the roof of the house gets busted down due to some technical issue and the whole structure destroyed. Everyone was in complete shock, the companions and labors of Noor saab were disheartened because of the incident.But Noor saab didn't look much stressed. He looks up in the sky and thanked god for not having any life loss.

Next day some of the friends of Noor saab came to meet him.

Friend 1:"Noor saab, we feel really bad for you , it was a big project. How could you overcome this."
Friend 2:"Noor saab, this kind of incident happens because of one's bad destiny.
Friend 3:"Yes, I agree, it's nothing but bad luck, I am sorry Noor saab but this incident would change your whole life."
Noor saab:"Friends, why are you judging my whole life and destiny by this incident.It is just a part of my life not my whole life.Our life is one complete unit, we cannot judge it by breaking it into pieces."
Friends:"Okay, we should leave now, take care.

Later that day, a man came to visit noor saab, who used to be a mulazim(servant) of him.

Mulazim weeping:"Malik(master) please forgive me, I couldn't sleep even a single night for years after what I've done to you. You gave me everything but I stab in your back and stole your money. But today, only because of your money I am a wealthy businessman and I am here to return your 15 lacs which I've stolen, please take this and forgive me."

Noor saab forgive him and thanked Allah for this to happen.

Listening about this incident, friends of noor saab visits him again.

Friend1:"Mubarak(congrats) noor saab, you have a very bright destiny."
Friend2:"Yes, I've never heard of such an incident in which the thief himself returned the stolen money.Indeed you are a very lucky man."
Friend3:"Noor saab. I am very glad for you, this incident will change your life for sure."
Noor saab:" Guys,you are getting it wrong again, this incident is also a part of life not my complete life.So, how can you judge my destiny by this incident.
Friends:"Okay noor saab, we should leave now, take care."

So, this is the story of noor saab and it taught us that we have no right to judge anyone just by looking at it's present conditions.Because life is a single unit which can only be judged after its due course. That's why people who have walked the path of sufism didn't changes even the tone of their voice for anyone.They treat kings and beggars the same and also respects even bandits who came at their doorstep.Because we never know what one would become the next second.So treat everyone with the same humbleness and don't judge your life over temporary situations.

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Ankit Singh

Thanks Aquib for this wonderful and motivated story...

5 months ago