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Indrita Ganguly


8 Major Conspiracy Theories that Shook the World

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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The customs and conventions that were accepted and abided by even a few decades back are challenged in the course of time. This gives rise to our topic of interest, the conspiracy theories. Let's look at some shocking yet, ultimately proven, true conspiracy theories:

1. Effects of Smoking Tobacco

We are well aware of the harmful effects of smoking. But, back in the day, it was considered healthy, or it was promoted as a healthy habit as it profited the government with large revenues. The conspiracy theory emerged that it is harmful and the commoners were wrongfully made to believe otherwise which turned out to be absolutely true.

2. Area 51 Secret

Speculations about the existence of area 51, and the secret experiments that government carried out there, circled around for decades. It was theorized that UFOs and extraterrestrial elements were investigated by government agencies in this prohibited area. Recent reports proved it absolutely true. Officials allegedly accepted its existence and its purpose.

3. Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition

Prohibition Agents with Seized Alcohol

In order to stop people from indulging in the evil gouts of drinking, the government declared prohibition. However, the efforts of the government in this sector were failing and many believe that the thousands of deaths circling alcohol consumption were a result of poisoned alcohol. A conspiracy theory accused government responsible and it turned out to be true. 

4. Princess Diana was Murdered

There is no evidence proving the speculations true, however, a major set of fans and commoners tend to believe that Princess Diana, of Wales, was murdered by some British secret societies with the involvement of the monarchy. The motive being revenge on the much talked about, tradition-defying and free-spirited ways of Diana.

5. Death of J.F Kennedy

The charismatic president was loved by all, gaining majority approval rating in the white house. However, his untimely death through assassination shook the nation and the world as a whole. It was speculated by theorists that he was in fact killed by secret government agencies.

6. Canada’s “Gaydar” Experiment

"Gay Detection" machine

Canada was one of the first nations to legalize homosexuality. However, it was not long back that the Canadian president admitted and apologized for the secret experiment, carried on Canadian military forces by the government. The aim was to detect and expel gay people from public service.

7. North Korean Kidnapping Conspiracy

Japanese children abducted in 1970s hoping for return to Japan

Between 1977 to 1983, there were mysterious disappearances of Japanese people around the coastal regions of Japan. There were speculations, however, nothing was proved. It was recently that the Korean government admitted the kidnapping of 13 Japanese citizens.

8. CIA Accused of Using Mind Control and Psychedelics

The brooding rumors made their share of circles for a long time. It was delivered by the majority that the CIA used unethical ways to extract information from convicts. It was finally proved true which caused a lot of chaos among the commoners and hampered the reputation of the agency.

Some of them are more shocking than the others but none are anyhow less grave. These are just a few. The submerged part of the iceberg is always larger.

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