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ziyaa boghani


Colour inside the box

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Today I attended my first art class at my university. We sat in the beautiful art studio waiting for the teacher to instruct us. She came in and introduced herself and told a few stories about the university and the work the students do here. She had beauty in her eyes and passion for art. A lot of the students took this course in order to know about art. These students had never had any kind of interest towards drawing or means of expression of art. Most students had one question in mind before taking up this course: "I have never really known how to draw, is this course for me?" And for this, the teacher had a very simple answer, "you always knew how to draw you just forgot about it as you grew up. The schooling system has made us focus on a lot of other things that we have forgotten about art."

She gave us our first assignment, and all of us did it with all our heart and put all the art that was inside of us onto the paper. She went through everybody's work and gave them some feedback. It was my turn now, she told me I had a great vision and could also implement it well. I just had one drawback: I could not colour inside the box. And she told me this is something that I had to learn. I remember this is something that I have never been able to do since the very beginning. I can never colour inside the box. I sat for hours trying to carefully take my colours and make it a point that it did not go outside. But 75% of the times there would be one little spot that would be rebellious.

Soon enough I began to realise, that I cannot colour inside the box and that is completely okay. So I began to colour outside the box and that made my art "MY ART" That is my quality, not being able to do what most people do easily. Creating my own boundaries, being rebellious, making my rules and living by them. This is a message to all the people out there trying to learn art by colouring inside the box, I tell you: don't. Create your own form of art even if it is disliked and disapproved by most people. Grab those colours and paint the world with the expression that lies within your soul.

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