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Aaroohi Dudeja


Coffee lovers’ guide- Some terms and coffee brands that must be known!

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22 days ago
22 days ago
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For an extra busy schedule starting at sharp 7 am, there are some who find their solitude in a warm cup of coffee. Whether stressed or depressed, there’s one thing that relaxes their mind, that’s coffee. Coffee lovers have a world of their own where no matter what they feel, coffee is a paradise to them. Being a coffee lover, when I am writing this, I am full of unexplainable emotions and vigor. It’s amazing how my morning starts when I smell the aroma of coffee and then I feel the utter need to begin the stressful day that awaits me.  

I have always loved the energy that I get after having a cup of coffee. 

So, for all those who love coffee here I have a small knowledge guide that will help them explore the coffee world more! To begin with, here are some of the different ways we get different types of coffee in different parts of the world:

·      ESPRESSO: The concentrated coffee obtained when hot water is rushed through fine coffee grounds.

·      AFFOGATO: Originated in Italy, this is basically ice-cream drowned in a shot of espresso. Traditionally, vanilla ice cream is used but a variation in ice cream flavors can be seen in various parts of Europe.

·      CAPPUCICNO: It contains five to seven ounces of milk and is basically an espresso shot with foamed steamed milk.  

·      AMERICANO: It is a shot of espresso in warm water. (Yes, no milk, just water.)

·      CORTADO: It is Espresso shot with around 4-4.5 ounces of milk.

·      DRIP COFFEE: It is when the coffee is made with filter, a press pot, a percolator and a counter top coffee maker and the flavors are extracted from coffee in contact with water and not under pressure.

·      FLAT WHITE: This coffee contains espresso with 5-7 ounces of flat steamed milk.

·      FRENCH PRESS: This is made by steeping coffee grounds in water in a vessel with a plunger and metal filter that pushes grounds to the bottom.

·      FILTER COFFEE: It is a drip coffee made with a ceramic, glass or plastic cone lined with a paper filter under controlled temperature of about 200-210 degrees. This coffee is completely sediment free.

·      LATTE: This contains espresso with steamed milk, around 8 ounces or more.

·      MACCHIATO: It is an espresso shot dabbed with 2-3 ounces of foamed steamed milk.

·      MOCHA: It is espresso mixed with steamed milk and chocolate syrup.

Doesn’t matter in whichever forms coffee is consumed, a cup of coffee gives the energy and exuberance to take on the hassle of the daily life. There are not only choices for types of coffees, but there are so many coffee chains that serve delectable coffees. Here are some of the world-famous coffee chains that are a must try:

·      GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES: This coffee chain started around 15 years back by Nabi Saleh and Peter Irvine and has over 400 coffee chains all over Australia.

·      DUNKIN’ DONUTS: This is not only a coffee store but a very famous fast food chain which serves amazing coffee and has over 11,000 stores worldwide. (I personally recommend their Therapeutic Cappuccino, try it!)

·      STARBUCKS COFFEE: The very first coffee place that comes to my mind when I want coffee is Starbucks. This is the place serving purely amazing coffee in forms of different beverages that make coffee lovers go crazy. (Java Chip?)

·      Mc CAFÉ: This coffee house is a Mc Donald’s franchise started in 2000 with around 300 coffee chains now.

·      COSTA COFFEE: It is the largest coffee chain in United Kingdom and second largest in the world. The café has over 3000 coffee chains all over the world and is growing fast towards development.

·      LAVAZZA: One of Italy’s favorite coffees and is a giant success all over the world. Other than being a coffee chain, this brand has a great social responsibility wherein they serve and help 25 schools to train people deprived of education.

·      BEWLEYS: One of the oldest coffee chains well known for its Irish coffee and beverages.

·      CARIBOU COFFEE: This company pays special attention to handcrafted espressos and is the second largest coffee brand in US continent.

·      COFFEE BEANERY: This company not only sells amazing coffees but also amazing coffee beans and is really famous.

  Coffee is like a cardio workout that sponsors good mood. So, have your coffee stronger and make your workdays shorter! 

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