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Chic Comfort: 5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Women This Season

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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Winter is here and we can’t keep calm. With all the wonderful food and vacation plans, our wardrobe needs an upgrade. No matter what the season is, we love to be stylish throughout the season. Hence, here are some favourite picks from our winter apparels for women. This doesn’t only keep you warm but also makes you look fabulous.

1. Sweatshirts


There is something so appealing about casual looks that not much effort is required yet we tend to prefer it always. A good sweatshirt is generally something that is warm, comfortable and is usually in solid colours. Many themed sweatshirts are coming into fashion which are becoming absolute favourites. Carry a backpack, pair with some cool sneakers and jeans and you are good to go.

2. Trench Coats


The vibe of trench coats is so uptown that we absolutely love it. A trench coat in pastel colours can be so classy for a lady boss look. Pair them with high boots, open hair, maybe some simple accessories and a bold lipstick. That’s all it takes to be the showstopper in the party. You can make it interesting by wearing it over a dress with some stockings underneath or a short skirt. Put on your best sunglasses to spread that confidence.

3. Long Shrugs

It is becoming quite a trend to have long shrugs. These are not really effective in keeping you warm but when it’s not that cold and you want some cover up, then these looks are pretty amazing. The best fact about them is they look good with both ethnic as well as western clothes. This is something very casual and cute girl next door apparel that doesn’t require any specific styling to follow. You can experiment many things with this.

4. Leather Jacket


When it comes to leather jackets, go for the quality ones always. Don’t compromise in terms of quality because a really good one will last longer. The leather jackets carry adventure vibes whether going for a drive or a outdoor hangout. This is supposed to look good if it fits you properly. So if you are an outdoor person who wants to play safe and don’t feel like doing much, pair up your jacket with jeans and boots and you are good to go.

5. Cardigans

The thing with cardigans is that they are so varied that there are times it might not work out. So when it comes to them, you need to be very picky. Generally the ones with furs look really adorable and sometimes wearing an oversized cardigan actually works really good. Even putting on high neck pullover is also quite sometimes so effortless yet classic that doesn’t go wrong. Put in your sneakers with that, with high bund or pony tail, paired with a stoles and you get a perfect look for evening walks or attending classes.

These have been a part of most of our wardrobes and you can never get bored with them. When it comes to India, having a good shawl is a must. A good shawl is classic, comfortable and warm and helps you look stylish in sarees, salwar kamiz and other ethnic wears. Enjoy your winters and let us know your favourites.

By Arkamita Ghosh

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