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Eesha Dusad



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7 months ago
7 months ago
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why must the world come to this

when a fan wakes up one day

only to find

that she never should’ve

because what waits for her

is something she’d never imagined

would happen

all the pain

of a lost idol

whom she loved since she was five

now lost in the cries

for he took his own life

why must the world come to this

that thousands of strangers

from around the world

come together to mourn

a person they never knew

but unconditionally loved

why must the world come to this

cries of heartbreak all around

shattered dreams

lost hopes

now paint the sky


stop this war

end this sadness

why must we hear the cries

of fans

of refugees

of people

who lose their loved ones

to the dark void

who mourn the death

of someone they cared about

why must the world come to this

when all that’s left

is a a dark hole

in my chest

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