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Can you upgrade Bluehost at any time?

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18 days ago
18 days ago
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Giving a change in the sizing of the web hosting plan is known by the term of change. It can be merely done by upgrading the Bluehost plan. This change would bring some modifications in the length of time. But it would not bring any sort of impact on the plan.

New Account for upgrading Bluehost:

All of our customers receive a promotional fee for their web internet hosting term; after which, all bills will renew at our standard rates. Take benefit of the promotional rate by contacting to improve to a more extended period inside the first 30 days of your account. The longer you sign up at the promotional price, the larger your discount overall. The savings can be significant!

When a period exchange is processed within 30 days of sign-up, full savings for the original web hosting term will be utilized toward the cost for the new hosting name. The expiration date of your account will not change.

Example 1 – For Longer Term:

  • Original Term: 12 months at the cost of $8.95/month = $107.40
  • New Term: 36 months at cost of $6.95/month = $250.20
  • Difference: $250.20 from $107.40 = $142.80 Owed
  • The original duration of the 12-month term would have renewed at the preferred fee of $11.99 for each of the next two years, for a whole of $395.16 over 36 months. However, a 36-month term at the promotional price of $6.95 is a whole of $250.20, a savings of around $144.96!

Example 2 – for Shorter Term:

  • Original Term: 24 months at the cost of $7.95/month = $190.80
  • New Term: 36 months at the cost of $6.95/ month = $107.40
  • Difference: $107.40 till $190.80 = $83.40 Refund

Existing Access Account for upgrading Bluehost:

When a duration time is processed on an account older than 30 days, a prorated credit score for the last time on the current hosting term is applied towards the charge for your new hosting range of term. The new period will begin the date the term change is processed, changing the expiration date. Complete web hosting guide line.

Example 1 – Longer Term:

  • Remaining Term: 8.33 months at the cost of $11.99/month = $99.87
  • New Term: 24 months at the cost of $10.99/month = $263.76
  • Difference: $99.87 till $263.76 = $163.89 Owed

Example 2 – Shorter Term:

  • Remaining Term: 29.21 months at the cost of $9.99/month = $291.80
  • New Term: 12 months at the cost of $8.99/month = $107.88
  • Difference: $291.80 till $107.88 = $183.92 Refund

A time period exchange cannot be processed if the account is in a pre-renewal state, which is when a renewal has been processed on the account; however, the new term has no longer commenced yet. If the account is in range of pre-renewal, the Billing Department can reverse the sake of renewal and difficulty a refund; then you can renew for the period size of your choice. A term change can't be processed between VPS and Dedicated hosting plans.

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