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Idrees Shafiq


Can I get lung cancer from vaping?

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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One of the biggest misconceptions about the vaping is that most of the people would be taking it as similar to smoking for sure because both vaping and smoking make the cloud. But this conception is entirely wrong. Let's clear your mind by presenting some of the facts right into this piece of article!

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Is Vaping Like Smoking or Not?

        There are so many differences that do make the vaping as to be completely different from smoking. 

Difference No 1: No smoke

When someone hence lights up a traditional cigarette, tobacco and a whole range of other chemical products are to be burned. The person who consequently inhales the smoke and then exhales it would be leaving a dense and smelly cloud of smoke hanging in the air. As in contrast with it, the vaping pen will vaporize a glycerine-based liquid very quickly. This would be producing on with the light vapor that can be inhaled and so as exhaled by the vaper. There is no dense smoke and also no such kind of the foul lingering smell that seeps into furniture and clothing.

Difference No 2: No Tobacco:

While you will be going to purchase vape juice that tastes just like the tobacco and that contains nicotine, the vape juice will not hence contain tobacco or nicotine as cigarettes do.

Difference No 3: Some of the Chemicals:

Traditional tobacco products hence contain hundreds of chemicals. Some of them are carried out to be carcinogenic. Scientific testing has undergone with the report as it has been detected with the presence of small amounts of cyanide in some tobacco products! Vape juice does not at all contain the hundreds of dangerous chemicals.

Difference No 4: Different Terms of Laws:

Traditional smokers will be getting into the range of some tight and stiff rules and regulations when it comes to smoking in public. Vaping is not at all illegal and can be performed in public areas. It is essential to bring about the complete understanding of the rules surrounding vaping. Some of the states in Australia have slightly different laws. 

Well, there are so many of the more differences that do make vaping and smoking whole different from one another. Vaping will never be coming across as unhealthy and dangerous for your health just like smoking. It does not contain any such kind of chemicals that can lead your lungs to get damaged entirely. It would be saving much of your money too. Yes, you heard it right! You spend so many dollars on purchasing the cigarette packets, but by buying the vaping kit, you can use it for such a long time. It will be charging you with the cost of around $20- $40 that would be all depending on the frequency of usage. Apart from being the health effects, it is becoming the hottest trend in the market to look attractive, vibrant and noticeable in a crowd. The pattern of vaping use was started for the very first by following some Hollywood celebrities who use it just like Ronaldo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone and so many more.

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