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Anubhav Rawat


Call of the Wild

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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The forest was silent the city was loud yet I could hear the humming of the hounds.....

The enchanted path, led to a river of dreams but the expedition of soul, was still not found......

The chills of winter, was enough to be high, though the midnight walks gave another reason to hold back for a while......Lights around kept the darkness dim low down for the stars wont show until the clouds would profound.

The river could hunt when the guards were around but it decided to hit like a painless wounded bird around......Gazed upon the veins of my body bound that the blood inside them was still cold deep down.

Chaos in mind, blurred vision in eyes ,the heart decided to choose what was another reason to smile.Plunged into dilemma ,delved into thoughts, the winds from the hills took me to a gust blown awhile.

Mountains above, death below, the rider could sense a route too far to follow.The maps had vanished to guide him through, but the time of wild reminded him true ,that he could still search the cave that had taken the lives of few.

The drunken sky, made the creatures wild, all they could do would make honest men lie.The sound of sleeping nature was the alarm to forest hive, all you could hear was a wish denied.

Lost in happiness ,lost in glory,dream was once another story.Still I could see the sun getting deep down glory.. and I was brought alive with feels of flowers holding fragrant memories.

Justice was denied, bell rang from temple hill above high .When the moon brought an end to the winterline ,darkness prevailed like a dance of bushes soaked under wine.

Every passing moment is still in search of an unexplored ride, for the peace & calmness is still in those vibes & all but suddenly I woke up to see that I am still alive....

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