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Breast Augmentation Recovery

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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Breast augmentation or breast lift surgery states to a surgical procedure that augments your breast shape by providing you the required figure and size. To give a natural look, implants silicone are used in a surgical procedure. Fat transfer is also a new method that can be utilized to get the required results. As you know that breasts are the most important part of a woman body or personality. Because better-looking breasts can really develop their self-confidence. There are different causes for which women experience breast lift surgery. Whatever the causes are it would remember that it is a surgical technique and one must consult with their surgeon before happening this procedure.


  • This is an outpatient basis surgery and you will go home on the same day. Before leaving your breasts will be covered in gauze bandages and a surgical bra will support the breasts.
  • Soon after surgery, your doctor will give you special instructions about breast implant recovery. You may get prescription and medicines include antibiotic for stop infection and some pain killers. Most patients may experience discomfort and pain firstly 3 days but pain relief medicines will help to control the pain. 
  • Wear your surgical bra full time as initiated by a plastic surgeon. Some doctors may say patients to cleanse the incision area and apply gel or ointment and some doctors will ask to keep the bandage on. Instructions are different, therefore it's vital to follow your plastic surgeon's instructions carefully.
  • For the first 5 days, you will feel sore and stiff but you need to begin light activities avoid exercise. The bandages are removed after seven days.
  • You will be able to do your work in two or three weeks and the first recovery takes 5 to 6 weeks but a thorough recovery will takings some time.

After recovery 

You should pay concentration to your activities after recovery. 

  • Sleep at your back because it will help you to stop any pressure or weight on your chest. Remember that any pulling or stretching of the stitched area can not just slow down your healing time, it can make excessive scarring around the treated part.
  • You don’t need to drive soon after the recovery. In this situation, you can feel a breast implant illness. Concentrate on your surgeon’s instructions. 

Final thoughts 

Breast lift surgery can develop your overall appearance and enhance your self-esteem. Breast augmentation surgical treatment will improve a woman’s figure and develop her self-assurance in social settings and business. 

This surgery also lets women wear all types of clothing and it rises their satisfaction in life. This process provides a curvy body for an attractive look.

This surgical procedure is also a worthwhile option for women who have gone the completeness of their breasts because of pregnancy, weight loss, breastfeeding, or sometimes aging. This procedure returns the fullness and completeness of the breasts. Breast lift surgery includes using breast implants to return the size and shape of the breasts. The treatment can affect you on a physical, spiritual and psychological level as well as increase your well-being. 

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