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Indrita Ganguly


7 Bollywood Movies That Were an Epitome of Sexism and Misogyny

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Right from the black and white era of movies, Bollywood has portrayed the “ideal woman” image. Objectifying and sexism are some of the major flaws that Bollywood movies of the present age follow as well. While not all movies are like this, take a look at the 8 Bollywood movies that surpassed all the limits of misogyny as well as sexism.

1. Grand Masti

If you thought a movie cannot trigger you in any way you need to take a look at Grand Masti. Rape jokes are strewn casually all over the movie like it is funny. “Baalatkar se yaad aya, meri biwi kaha hain”. Making a joke out of marital rape, objectifying women in every single frame, the movie is the most pathetic one you can imagine. 

2. Dabangg

This movie insists that wives are always evil and portrays it in the movie as well. Also, women are treated like a commodity who needs to be bought from her father. If you thought 21st century will have no more of stereotyping women, Dabangg makes sure to bring it.

3. Kambakht Ishq

The main theme of the movie says that if your partner is objecting to having sex with you then you must be really bad at it. So, the only reason for women to say no to sex is because of their partners not satisfying them? Well, that’s some high-level sexism right there. And the way Akshay Kumar's character constantly physically abuses women is horrible.

4. Rowdy Rathore

Again objectified, the women in the movie Rowdy Rathore are referred to as “cheez” all throughout. And you thought Akshay Kumar didn’t do sexist films? Take a look at the movie again to know why it is so wrong altogether and demeaning for the women of the nation. And don't forget about the inappropriate leering and touching.

5. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Even though this might be a timeless hit, the movie tells women to dream whatever they want but don’t really be stubborn about fulfilling them. Chopping off the wings of young women all over India, the movie shows a mother telling daughter this line instead of supporting her in whatever she is dreaming of. Add to this Raj's stalker behaviour and you will understand why this movie is problematic.

6. Lagaan

How is it that a movie which is critically acclaimed only has two female actors in the movie and both of them serve the exact same purpose – fawning over male heroes. So is that all women do in their day to day lives?

7. Main Tera Hero

Undermining women all throughout the movie, Main Tera Hero definitely doesn’t give women the respect that they deserve. What a joke in the name of a Bollywood movie!

So these are the 7 popular and super hit Bollywood movies that crossed all boundaries of sexism and misogyny with the content, cast, dialogues and everything else. Even Bollywood has also produced some amazing empowering movies for women but the country will remain sexist until and unless Bollywood stops portraying women like this.

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