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Hannah Lapine


Best Tips on Visiting Split

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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A blend of cutting-edge modernity and ancient architecture, an infectious atmosphere that's always buzzing, unearthly Adriatic views, unforgettable rustic Roman structures; Split might be the country’s second in terms of size but it’s certainly one of the most loved cities for obvious reasons. Here are a couple of pointers to ensure you make the most of a visit to the charming coastal town:

1) Plan your trip for the summer or spring

Croatia’s is an all year round destination but winter still takes its toll rendering most of the country’s treasures out-of-bounds. Split’s location by the seaside means it’s at the brunt of the cold season so be sure to visit over summer when the temperatures are favorably hot and suitable for wind downs along the beautiful coastline.

2) Opt for guest houses

Forget about hotels instead embrace luxurious and budget-friendly guesthouses. Aside from saving you a couple of bucks, they are flexible and easily available online offering renters fluent in English. You should consider getting one around Zenta Marina harbor which is a stone’s throw away from the town’s greatest treasure, i.e. Diocletian’s Palace, and avails panoramic views of the turquoise horizon of the surrounding sea.

3) Sails up

Split is well known for sailing with its convenient placing setting it as a strategic gateway to the lovely islands of Korcula, Vis, and Hvar. Getting a yacht charter, especially during yacht week is easy enough if you’d like but it’s often the standard rule that you meet the full expense prior to the trip. They are quite costly but the balmy weather, mirror-esque waters and stunning coasts more than make up for the inconvenience.

4) Expect rain

Not relentless torrential downpour with the furry of the seven seas rather mild, warm and short showers as influenced by the Mediterranean climate. So be sure to pack a foldable umbrella in your carry-on for sudden rainfall especially when going for long walks. Conversely, you can forgo one altogether if you fancy a walk through the rain which, to be honest, is quite lovely. All in all, having on speed dial a good taxi transfer Split is an also a reliable option that offers you a mobile, decadent umbrella that takes you wherever you please in style and with plenty of pampering.

5) Always have cash at the ready

Many stores in the town accept credit card payments but there a couple of places that will only take cash. These include markets, small restaurants, a number of souvenir shops and also public transport vehicles. So have some change to spare- about 450 Kuna will do- to cater for a day’s worth of expenses.

6) Language

English stands out as Croatia’s most common language although Italian and German are also significantly popular. You, therefore, don’t necessarily need to study native Croatian but learning a couple of local phrases will not only impress the natives but also help you get by. That said, "Bok" means hello, no correlates to "Ne", Yes to "Da", Good morning to "Dobro jutro", while please becomes "Molim". how are you comes off as "Kako si", Thank you is "Hvala" and 'Polako'- which you are bound to hear a lot of- is a word for relax or take it easy; the Croatian equivalent of "Hakuna Matata".

Parting tip: for all ye netizens be sure to ask the waiter for a Wi-Fi password because apartment rentals, hotels, coffee bars, and restaurants all provide free Wi-Fi. Sometimes the password is printed out at the back of your bill so remember to flip it over.

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