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Du Telecom Packages


Best Du Postpaid Plan

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a month ago
a month ago
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Du telecom is one of the biggest network providers in the UAE. They offer multiple plans on their postpaid offer for different types of consumers.

These plans can sometimes be confusing and difficult to select from.

We have broken down these plans into simpler terms to help our consumer select the best possible plan.

Du postpaid plans are divided into 3 main categories.

  1. Smart Plan
  2. Emirate Plan
  3. The new Power Plan

Smart Plan

A smart plan is basically for users who are not UAE national. But this does not mean that Emirate's can’t select this plan. The smart plan offers Flexible minutes.

 These minutes allow the user to make international calls within the UAE to foreign countries. The consumer is charged only when these minutes expire.

This plan is designed to cater to the different nationals living in the UAE who have family or friends in their homeland.

This plan can also be very beneficial for businessmen who regularly have to make foreign calls for their business needs.

Emirate Plan:

Emirate plan has all the benefits that cater to the UAE nationals who have their family and friends in the UAE. The minutes allotted in this plan can only be utilized for calls within the UAE.

The main difference between Emirate Plan and Smart Plan is calling permissions and roaming

Power Plan:

One of the best postpaid plans offered by Du for its consumers. Power Plan focuses mainly on mobile data. This is for users who have massive mobile data usage and don't want to pay extra. Du power plans are economical and offer great benefits.

Not only mobile internet, but power plan also offers flexible and local minutes(depending on your plan)

And Free UAE Wifi ranging from 4Gb to 100GB 


On Contract

The above plans are further broken down into contract and non-contract plans.

Contract plans offer an additional discount on monthly bills ranging from 25 AED for small plans to even 100 AED for superior plans.

Power plans, being Du postpaid’s, the best plan can become even better on contract.

This is because contract plans give free Netflix for 6 months, entertainment app and other benefits that can help utilize extra internet provided with power plan.

Which is best for you?

All Du postpaid plans are carefully crafted and designed with their customers need in mind.

Choosing the plan that is right for you can become very beneficial in the long run. The reason is very simple.

Since Du postpaid plans allow you to pay at the end of the month. Consumers who have postpaid are less worried about running out of balance in the middle of the road.

If you wish to select plans right away go to Alwafiq's website.

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