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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Washing clothes is been a part of our lives since the beginning of this world, it’s a very important and crucial part of our hygiene that we cant avoid. The ways by which various type of people have dealt with this universal human need are very much interesting and unique in there own way. Laundry work has traditionally been highly gendered, with the responsibility in most falling to the feminine side of our society that is women. The Industrial Revolution gradually led to more advanced and easy solutions to laundry work, notably the washing machine and later the tumble dryer. Laundry, like cooking and child care, is done both at home and by office work outside the home, laundry is now a routine to each and every one of us despite the gender or age but we have to accept that now there are much more easy ways than to burdening yourself to wash clothes and that is giving it away to cleaners.

Why cleaners?

In this busy and fast work life it’s very hard for people to cope up with everything, we don’t see how we have to schedule things for every day life. Laundry is very much ignored and is left for the weekends, and it turns annoying when you really want to go out and have some good company but a huge pile of dirty clothes is waiting for you in the laundry room, and you simply cannot ignore it. What will you wear for that next week if you won’t do it now? So just think how much of a relief it is when you can plan and go where ever you want and the huge burden of washing clothes is removed upon you. You can just relax and have fun and yes about expenses. If you think that giving clothes to your cleaner is more expensive than it surely is not, you save so much electricity and that means less electricity bill so that means you are just giving that bills money to the cleaner and saving so much. You save your energy, you save time, and you save all your moments that you enjoy chilling on your couch. What more should a person ask for?

Why can you trust us?

There are billions of fish in the sea, but only the luckiest person gets the best. Well congratulation you are the lucky one. There are a lot of cleaners around here but we guarantee and show you that we are the best. We will not only save you your money but we assure you that we will be your best clothing investments.   

Less plants but more quality: you know all these famous and hefty dry cleaners out there how they clean? Well they work on a really large scale that means that your clothes don’t get the precious attention that they need, big plants have more workload and they just spin spin spin to complete the work deadlines, your clothes will smell nice but the long term effects are scary. Your clothes will die very soon, but don’t worry people. We value and care about your clothes we have numerous plants that are small but many in number so that each cloth can be looked after personally and carefully.

The best cleaning fluids

Don’t worry fellows we will always be an open book to you. This is our surety that we use environmental friendly fluids that are changed after every wash so you can be sure that no old dirt is deposited deep down in your clothes, because we care about every thread.

How we press your beauties?

Well there are two types of pressing the steam and the hand pressing, steam pressing does seem cool and new but you don’t know the after effects it has. It damages your clothes internally and doesn’t really give you that crisp that hand pressing does. To be real steam pressing is a very easy job for us but we care about you. We only use hand pressing methods to ensure your clothes safety and pressing quality.  

How we handle damaged items

We have never experienced the case of damaged items in our whole career of washing, but still if any of your garment is damaged or lost by us, we will compensate you the value of that item that probably no one else does.

Our pick and drop system

Our pick and drop system is very very efficient and fast, occasionally free too. We work from doorstep to doorstep. We are not that kind of people that promise for morning and deliver till evening, we are very strict on our time policies. We pick your clothes from your doorstep and deliver it back on your doorstep on time.

Our pricing

Well people here comes the real part the pricing, now we don’t fire in still air and we don’t cost more than the actual. We give the best prices all around laundry dubai with the finest quality.moreover you will be very happy to see our experienced and well trained staff who deals with customers in the finest way.

Now that you have read and understood all about us, come and try us in real life and we promise we won’t let you down. We are sure that whenever you visit will never be your last visit and you will be our fav customer and we would love working for you. So when are you rushing to our nearest outlet so we can care about your beautiful and marvelous pieces and make you absolutely happy and carefree!

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