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Beloved Potterheads, Quidditch Has Taken Over the Muggle World!verified tick

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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Yes! It is really a thing now! J.K Rowling and Harry Potter really have given the fans a lot of things! The magical game has taken a realistic shape in the “muggle” world.


Just like the fantasy Quidditch, players are mounted on broomsticks and the two teams try to outscore each other. However, there is no flying (sad!) but a lot of tackling, strategies and athleticism (and of course FUN!)

Origin and History

Of course it comes from the Harry Potter series. It has a governing body, International Quidditch Association. The first game was played in 2005 in Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont. The game got a wave in the United States. The sport caught on and in 2007 Quidditch World Cup took place. Every year until 2014, there was a world cup where community and college teams competed against each other. Australia, Canada, France have sent teams once. IQA in 2012 hosted summer games. Then in 2014, IQA hosted Global Games in which United States won the gold medal.

The Game

It is mixed gender contact sport. It has elements from rugby, dodgeball and tag. Two teams play to outscore each other. Ever team has seven athletes (mounted on brooms).

To earn points you can catch the snitch or send the quaffle through opposing hoops.


Chasers: There are three chasers, looking to score goals. They can earn 10 points by getting the quaffle (deflated volleyball) through one of three opposing hoops.

Keepers: He/she defends the goal hoops.

Beaters: There are two beaters, looking to disrupt opposing attackers. They use dodgeball called bludgers to hit players. Once hit by bludgers, the player must go and touch his own goal to resume his game.

Seeker: Each team has one seeker. Job of a seeker is to catch the snitch ball. A neutral runner runs with snitch ball tied around his waist and whoever catches it gets 30 points. Its capture ends the game.

As it is a mixed gender game, it has a gender maximum rule. A maximum of four players of same gender is allowed. Once seeker enters, the number can increase to five.

Fouls: Rough play is not allowed. According to severity of offense, players are punished. Yellow means one minute in penalty area. And red means out of the game.

Field and Equipments

The pitch is rectangular with rounded corners of 60 yards by 36 yards. Three hoops of different heights are at either ends. Six hoops of are required. Every player must carry a broomstick. Three types of balls are required: quaffle, bludgers and snitch.

Quidditch in popular culture

Apart from Harry potter movie Series, movie The Internship features the game. Popular TV series The Big Bang Theory mentions it. Mudbloods is a Quidditch documentary on how the game started.

The game might not have all the movie elements, but it does sound interesting! Why should wizards have all the fun? It’s time for us muggles to enjoy the game!

By Raj Kishan

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