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Hetal Thakkar


Bedroom Conversations

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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If it's a difficult conversation now, It would have been more difficult then

Bedroom CONVERSATIONS between Radha and Krishna


Krishna: Some things are just not meant to be Radhe,

I have a lot of unfinished business on Earth is what they say.

Radha: I completely understand you Krishna but I wish I didn’t,

Letting you go without any arguments is killing me from within.

It is not that you will never further settle in life,

Then why on this Earth, I can’t be your wife?

(Krishna hugging her)

Krishna: You know I am broken from inside,

Where will I go everyday to find this smile so wide.

Settling with somebody else on this Earth will just come as a part and parcel to life,

But in the world where God's dwell, I have already accepted you as my wife.

(Moving aside)

Radha: You couldn’t remain true to me, at least be true to yourself,

Nobody can beat you in the war of words but that doesn’t prove the point you wanna tell.

I know you have decided to leave and hence will not force you to wait and weep,

Unconditional love was what I had promised, which in my heart I will always keep.

Krishna: Radhe, the day will come when YOU and I shall become WE

Radha: Don’t give me false hope Krishna, you were right, SOMETHINGS ARE JUST NOT MEANT TO BE!!

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