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Basics for a healthy lifestyle

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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The basics of a healthy lifestyle Many roads lead to Rome: There are many ways to stay healthy and stay healthy. But there are so many tips and rules that make it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. So what is really important to stay healthy?

Basics for a healthy lifestyle

The civilization diseases arose from our changed habits. Part of that is that we do not move enough or eat industrially manufactured food at the cost of preserving preservatives and flavor enhancers. First and foremost are the salt and sugar, which are hidden in almost all heavily processed foods.

What makes us sick?

If one approaches the topics of "healthy life" and "health", one can also ask the opposite question: what makes us really sick apart from genetic dispositions?

A clear indication is the statistics of the most common causes of death in 2014 according to Deutscher Ärztezeitung:

- Cardiovascular disease: 338,056

- Cancer: 223,758

- Respiratory system disorders: 58.604

- Diseases of the digestive system: 38,537

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Diet and lifestyle are vital to the emergence of these diseases.

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Overweight: Eating as a disease maker

Also overweight as a common disease is caused by poor diet and lack of exercise. The result: The risk of developing a high overweight in diabetes increases by 1500 percent. Also, an increased risk of cancer in the intestine, uterus, breast, prostate and bile may be the result. The liver or the vascular system are affected as well as stroke, hypertension, heart attack or joint problems can occur.

Fresh and wholesome: the right diet

Looking at the body purely functional, it provides numerous individual services and requires energy for it. With a car, you pay attention to refueling with just the right fuel so that the engine does not break down or use brand name oil. For edible oil, however, many raise the bar lower.

Because in everyday life does not always matter what is good and nutritious, but what tastes good or has an effect on the psyche. The latter refers for example to alcohol, cigarettes but also to sweets. The return to natural unprocessed foods, which contain many nutrients and vital substances and fiber, is an important step. In general, the dose determines how negative something can work. Also too one-sided nutrition goes backwards and leads to nutrient deficiency.

Cooking in society

A rule of thumb:

Reduce meat and sausage consumption (maximum two to three servings per week)

Vegetables, fruits (three to five servings daily) and fish in front of meat

If meat, then less red meat and more poultry

If it's red meat, then it's more beef or game than pork

Problem meat

The diet in Germany is meat-heavy. In the food chain from plants to animals to humans, toxins accumulate especially in the meat.

Also, conventional meat from farm animals contains harmful substances such as

- antibiotics,

- growth promoter,

- Anti-stress as well

- Hormones.

In addition, too much red meat or sausage from beef, game and pig favors diseases. It increases the cholesterol level and the risks of arthritis and rheumatism due to the unsaturated arachidonic acid. The probability of cancer also increases.

Especially pork, which is often contained in all-natural products such as grilled sausages or Currywurst, should be avoided, because pigs strongly accumulate pollutants in their fatty tissue. Bovine or pig muscle meat contains about 60 milligrams of purines, which produce gout as uric acid precursors.

  • If possible, buy organic meat and eat less meat.
  • Buy fresh goods that should be as unprocessed and untreated as possible.
  • Reduce salt and sugar.
  • Frozen as an alternative to fresh foods because it can do without preservatives.
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  • Praise and blame of heating
  • Roasting or cooking kills germs, on the other hand, by strong heating, harmful amines are formed. It also changes the essential fatty acids - which increases the risk of cancer. Therefore, increased meat consumption should be considered with caution.

Drink: The body in the river

Humans consist of about 70 percent water. No wonder we need 1.5-2 liters daily to maintain all bodily functions. Water cools the sweat and regulates body temperature.

Live healthy with the 15 best tips for nutrition, sports and your well-being

"Healthy living" is easier said than done. Again and again we get the advice and tips of friends or acquaintances to eat healthier or to do more sports. That often sounds like overcoming and self-regulation, but actually there's nothing wrong with healthy living. To make it a bit easier for you to exchange old habits for healthier ones, here are 15 tips from three categories for you. So that you can see what you are looking for quickly and at a glance, here are some tips from the categories

Tips about nutrition

Sporting tips - that's the best way to motivate yourself

You do not just want to live a healthy life: tips for your well-being

These tips will help you to make your everyday life healthier in the long run, with only minor changes. Body, mind and soul will be grateful if you only implement some of these tips. With a healthier lifestyle you will feel fitter, more balanced and just more comfortable, you will see.

A woman looks relaxed and holds her hands up

Tips about nutrition

The first step to a healthy lifestyle is the diet. But what is healthy food?

Here are the key points and tips for you to keep in mind:

Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. To get started, make sure you have enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. Five portions, with one serving equal to about a good handful, are the goal. You should make sure that you not only eat vegetables, but also fruits. There is a small rule for the selection: the more colorful, the better. So eat green, yellow and red vegetables and fruits. Make it a habit in your life, in the office or at home, to eat an apple, a few carrots or something healthy as a snack. Make a change, your creativity knows no bounds.

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