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Neha Garg


"Best Friend Forever"

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Picture Credit- Zoë Thompson

Little girl: Barbie doll, Barbie doll, where are you?  

Barbie doll: Here I am Here I am how do you do? 

I missed you my barbie doll, where did you vanish, was looking all around says the little girl to her best friend forever" barbie doll". Mumma was taking me to draw bath, so thought of taking you along my BFF. After we get ready, we are going out to my friend's birthday party, I want you to come since all my friends are bringing their barbie dolls with them. And do you know one more thing barbie doll? My friend discreetly told me that she has kept a surprise gift for best dressed up girl with her barbie doll. So, my little barbie I don’t want to miss the chance, hence I have got same dresses stitched for both of us, baby pink in color with lots of frills and a big bow at the back on the waist line.  Such innocent and cute conversation between a little girl and her barbie doll is very exquisite and emotive. 

Every little girl in her tender age is enamored and fascinated with barbie doll. They seek themselves in them. With innocent mind and small tender fingers, they tend to dress them up, feed them, play games which is drivel to us and hold each other's hand the moment little girl steps out of the house. Most of their childhood is spent with the barbie dolls. The first gift a baby girl demands from her parents is get me a barbie doll, but why because it comes from within of this juvenile.  

If noticed, almost all the barbie dolls are inspired by the girls in reality. For instance, some are very fair with blonde hair and blue eyes, some whitish in complexion with brown hair and brown eyes and some are very dark in complexions with black hair and black eyes. Before making a doll, the manufacturer contrives the same from the reality, depending on the geographic regions. 

On the other hand, when a woman becomes a mother, she relives her childhood in her daughter. She gets a real barbie doll in the form of a daughter. A barbie doll who is with her 24/7, whom she can cutely dress up, the way she used to dress up her barbie doll when she herself was small girl. Secondly a mother can share her feelings and thoughts with her daughter like what she had with her. And still many women hid their barbie doll which they used to play in their childhood inside the closet and cherish it. 

Barbie dolls are nonliving objects, but with the feeling a barbie doll is embraced, makes it enliven in a way. 


By Neha Garg 

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