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Bahria Paradise Karachi

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25 days ago
25 days ago
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Bahria Paradise is a newly launched, upscale residential project of the city of Karachi in Bahria. It is designed after the "Central Park New York" by the experienced city planners. It offers 250 square meters, 500 square meters and 1000 square meters of residential land as well as 500 square meters of luxury villas with a 4-year installment plan.

Basically, Bahria Paradise will be the most beautiful project that resembles a worldly paradise. Development is progressing rapidly and most of the initial infrastructure development work has already been completed in much of the area planned for this project. The main attraction of Bahria Paradise is Central Park, located in District 54. It is said to be the central point of Paradise, connected to all parts of the community by circular roads.

Bahria Paradise will also have a Taj Mahal monument that will be an icon of the architectural excellence of Bahria Town. The Taj Mahal Monument is planned in District 56, which covers 1000 square meters of residential land.

Key Features:                                  

Bahria Paradise is an expensive project, so besides all the other basic amenities, Bahria Paradise will have much higher standards of development.

Bahria Central Park will have the following salient features:

·        Lush green and peaceful landscapes

·        playgrounds

·        Hiking and jogging trails

·        Ice rink and bike paths

·        Children's parks with modern rides

·        lake

·        flower gardens

·        Open-air theater

The Bahria Paradise Community will enjoy many more features of Bahria Town Karachi, including:

·        Bahria Fountain

·        Bahria night safari

·        Theme Park Bahria Adventure

·        36-hole PGA standard golf course

·        Carnival area

·        New horizons restaurant

·        Roots Millennium School

·        Saudi German Hospital

Bahria Town Karachi is still a developing story. That's why you can count on many more amazing development projects and amenities in the coming years.


The Bahria Paradise is ideally located in the immediate vicinity of the Grand Jamia Masjid. It starts right behind District 16 and extends to District 28. The distance to the motorway access is approximately 4 km and is a more attractive factor for investor attention.

Luxury Villas:

Bahria Paradise luxury villas with an area of ​​500 square meters consist of a covered area of ​​approximately 4700 square meters with 5 bedrooms and a staff quarters with a boundary wall. These villas are located in the 51st district, right on Central Park.

Bahria Paradise Karachi is a top selling item in the real estate market of Karachi. As it is available in installments, there is a large pool of potential buyers looking to buy residential land in Bahria Paradise.

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