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Avoid these mistakes to Face your job interview

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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Job searching definitely requires more and more efforts each passing day.

Searching for relevant jobs and applying is one part of it.

The real hard work begins when you get a call for a job interview. Each recruiter has many responsibilities, which the company has given to him/her and one of those is to recruit only the right candidates, even the best candidates.

Companies run down each and every little element about an applicant, which can help them in making a decision. That is the reason every firm requires the recruiter to extract every significant piece of information about the applicant.

The recruiter or the interviewer evaluate each detail given by the candidate. Online job portals ask for the details like work experiences, core skills, location preferences and achievements.

This is the pars, where you can be creative, and ensure your personality attributes make you unique among the crowd of applicants. But, knowingly or unknowingly, many aspirants commit below mistakes, which can reflect negatively on the recruiters.

  • Turning your CV into an essay: It is one of the most common mistakes done by job seekers. A resume is a document, through which the interviewer makes your initial image. So, this piece of a document must be crafted carefully. Do not write long paragraphs to display your abilities, and always try to create bullet points and short sentences, which can be read easily and quickly.

  • Ignoring the job requirements: In past, when people used to look for jobs in newspaper classified ads, the ads consisted of only small details about the job. But this is the information age and people don’t want to compromise with just a small piece of detail.

There are job searching websites where companies list their requirements in detail. So, you can explore these portals and extract required and relevant information about concerned job profile.

  • Insufficient preparation: “Practice makes a man perfect”. This is a truth that people try to ignore in their lives. A dancer cannot make those smooth moves without practice, a painter cannot craft its painting without experimenting a hundred times and so on. This principle applies to all.

Thus, appearing for a job interview without any practice and preparation is just like taking a national level exam without having any knowledge about it. Moreover, an introduction is the most crucial part of the interview. If it goes well, half of the goal is already achieved. But, without practice, this seemingly easy part can turn into broken words and shaking voice.

  • Indiscipline during the job interview: If you are serious about the opportunity and want to crack the interview, there is no way you can do it without showing discipline. Showing up in an interview in your lucky superman t-shirt will only leave a negative impression on the interviewer. Take out your formals and dress properly. This will surely add points to your interview score. In addition, remember to put your mobile phone on silent mode and reach the location in sufficient advance.

These are some small factors to keep in mind before going to the interview.

Avoid above mistakes. Realize your hidden abilities. Show them in front of the recruiter. And, create the perfect path for your bright future.

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