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Are you ready for 5G?

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a month ago
a month ago
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Ever since man has set foot in the digital age technology has started growing at a very fast rate. From manual transmission to automatic, now we have the machinery to talk about self-driven cars. All this technological boom is directly or indirectly related to the increase in the internet speed which we receive.

Self-driven cars collect real time data to stay up to date with traffic, while they are on the road. In order to accomplish this sort of automation, our internet needs to be faster than the maximum speed of an automated car.

This exchange of data is known as big data accumulation. Big data files are larger than usual and take a lot of time to load with the given internet speed.

In the UAE where technology innovation is welcomed with open arms, internet speed innovation needs to be on its toes.

For this Du telecom in the UAE has initiated the launch of 5G. This network promises speeds up to 1GB in its first phase and will grow up to 5GB per second in its final form. Du has already started showing of their strength by boosting all home internet plans to 500 MBPS this ‘Eid. This will be a great step in technological development, which will help bring life to automated cars and even airplanes.

Apps like Uber will be able to collect live data of traffic and accidents and can seamlessly share amongst their drivers. The average user would be able to download fat stacks of 4K movies in a matter of minutes.

Digital media distributors like OSN and Netflix would be able to take full advantage of Samsung’s high resolution screens by uploading 4K movies and shows on their channels.

Many big companies are awaiting the arrival of 5G network to support their technological development. As of now Samsung’s S10 is the only cell phone capable of handling 5G. But that’s not all.

Google is in the process of developing a gaming platform that would render Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox useless. Google Stadia is a shared platform of multiple gamers who can log in from their slowest computer and enjoy high end graphic games from their browser. Stadia connects gamers on a single platform and utilized their internet speed to transfer high end graphics from their server to the users screen. Playing games that was not possible for a low end PC will be made seamless through google stadia.

Google stadia would definitely require large amount of internet speed to communicate a high frame rate game play to the gamers screen without lag. So it is no brainer that 5G would accommodate to stadia’s success.

UAE is a land of diversity where every individual has a different requirement from 5G. Some require 5G for a seamless workflow in their office. Some want 5G to play games on their computer and some simply want it to Bing watch their favorite series.

Whatever the reason. It is safe to say that 5G would be a drastic change in how we use the internet. Its success is dependent upon its cost. Whether the user would be able to afford it or not. Another perspective to this situation would say that the implementation and adaptation of 5G would be so fast in businesses that in a short frame of time all technology would be 5G friendly making this speed a necessity. 

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